Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sicky McSicky from Sickville

This weekend on our little getaway, Seth caught the bug!  He was fine Friday when he went to bed except for he didn't really feel like eating-nothing too unusual for Seth.  All the big kids (John, Larry, Kim and I) were still up talking in the kitchen when Seth started coughing then puked.   He stayed puny the rest of the weekend, not eating and fighting us to drink anything.  So this morning I called the Dr to get us in and 3 was their earliest appt.  Got there and we were on the verge of being admitted because he was soo dehydrated.  She said since it was soo traumatic to admit them for an iv, she was going to give him fluids in the office and we have one day to get so many ounces down him at home or he has to be admitted.  The Dr gave him more tylenol to get his fever down, while the nurses came every 10 minutes to make him drink 3 full syringes of fluids.  We were finally released, and are not giving him fluids every 10-20 minutes to get him back hydrated.  It must be helping because before bed he sat up on his own.  A big improvement because before he was too weak to walk or stand on his own.  He also ate some goldfish.!!!!  He can't have anything other than gatoraide and crackers for another 24hrs because if she was worried that he would get diarrhea like the other cases and he would for sure be in the hospital if that happens.  Hoping my little man feels better soon, cause it breaks my heart to see him so sick :(
Big cousin Kolton was a champ and let Seth snuggle with him. 

How he's looked for 4 days.  I tried to get him to eat and he fell asleep mid chew :(



Poor guy! He definitely had it worse than mine did :(

Tiffani Rose

Poor guy! I hope he is feeling better. He does look so puny :( Totally not "Seth-like" Big hugs from me and the girls!

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