Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sock Monster

I was reading over at Crap I've Made, and Char confessed how much she hates sorting socks.  We have the same problem over here, so I thought I'd share my little friend with you!

Problems keeping up with kids socks? Try a sock monster.

Materials (all purchased at local dollar tree)
Fun colorful trash can with swing lid
pom poms
googly eyes
glue gun

I cut everything we needed first, so when it was time to start with the glue we could just truck right along. 
I cut a strip of white felt.

Then I cut that strip into tiny triangles for the teeth.

Seth pick out the color pom poms he wanted to hold the googly eyes and for the nose. 
Green...imagine that his favorite color :)

Then we glued googly eyes onto the pom pom, then the pom poms onto the trash can.
Notice the excitement, his first time with a glue gun...ahhh I love this kid!

Is it time for the teeth yet mom?  Why yes, yes it is!
One day I will post a picture of my children without breakfast still on their face!

Putting glue on the teeth

What concentration, he just might be a professional glue gunner!!!!

And meet "Sock" the sock monster
His nickname is Sock Monst Seth said, in case you were wondering!

We gave him a bow tie because he's not a mean monster (there's no such thing)
he just has a thing for socks. 
I had to specify dirty ones because I noticed all our clean ones were missing,
and Sock Monst had a very full tummy!

Feeding the sock monster

He said "excuse me" after he burped, cause he's a gentlemonster like that!

And on a totally random off note, for some strange reason sock monster makes my brain want to change the lyrics to the song  'Rock Lobster'. 
So if you need a psychedelic freakout for the day, enjoy this little diddy by the B-52's.


Tiffani Rose

So cute!! I love that Seth helped!


Creative once again! Maybe one day I'll have time for crafts and perhaps I'll even have my own craft room. I can dream anyways. :)


Kristi that idea for your baby box sounds so cute! I can't wait to see/hear more!

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