Friday, January 29, 2010

new beginnings

Well, we did it! Keys are turned in and we said goodbye to our little home. I have to say that it was such a confusing, emotional time. It truly was a transition for us while there, but I hate leaving memories behind.

I know that memories live on in your heart, but still. As I walked back through our now empty place, I was filled with the memory of Seth laughing, running with his friends, the day we brought Aaron home and I hated to leave them. I felt the same about our first home, and still get sad each time I drive by. Hahaa, I think I must be an emotional pack rat and want to carry them around with me everywhere. It all seems t be going and changing so fast, I can't keep up. I feel overwhelmed by all that I seem to be missing. I want to bottle every laugh, smile, hug, each I love you and then, when these times are gone I have my bottles and memories to go back to.

I sure it's just because of all that we have going on right now and when things get a little more settled I will feel more settled. So on to a happier note...

I'm proud of John and I for our little apt that was all our own. I loved our first house and knowing that I had grown up there, but there was something to the apt being 'just ours'. I look forward to where we are going in life and the journey with all my boys will be an exciting one for sure. So as we start our new beginning for 2010, I can't think of a better way to start it then in the words of my Seth...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, I guess it's all starting to hit me now what all has happened. I have one more day left to be done at the apt, and I think I am subconciously putting it off because it makes everything official.

Living with family is going to be harder than I thought. Not because of them, but me. I feel that if we are going to be later coming in, we owe them the curtousy of telling them so. Or if I want to wait and pick up a mess later, I don't feel I have that right cause it's not my house. It's been 10yrs since i've lived with someone *other than John. It's like being in highschool with curfews and rules all over again.

I miss MY kitchen, MY bathroom, and MY way of doing things. But that will come again soon. I think it's my mental point of view that's my problem right now. See when we decided to do this just until we found a place we liked, we still had income. Now, it could be a longer arrangement and i'm not really looking forward to that.

But, despite all of my whining i'm enjoying spending time with my family while Johns home. The important thing is that we are all together, healthy and safe!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yogurt, junk and ramblings

I have been having a problem with thrush lately (I know TMI) so I have started eating yogurt...yuck!!! I love the flavors but three bites into it, the texture takes over and makes me feel like I could get sick. I really wish I could stand the stuff. I watch the commercials and think, Well maybe I might like it now...yeah, not so much. Maybe one day?

Junk, Oh my goodness... how does one collect so much of it? We are STILL moving and have all the big stuff moved. Now it's just the little stuff like papers that you don't really want, but need like old utility bills and whatnot. I swear every time we go to bed, the stuff grows and makes more junk for me to deal with. I'm so ready for it to all be over with, because packing with a toddler and fussy baby is not the easiest thing in the world. But 2 more days and it should all be over with.

Aaaand to deal with this stress I need a boost in the mornings. Since yogurt is gross I bought the smoothie shake things. Not too bad. I try a new one and blech...splenda. This stuff does not taste like the real stuff and I can tell if it was used to make something. Not a fan. Real sugar is much better. But that's probably because I usually tend to be anti healthy. If it says diet or fat free, you guessed it...not my thing.

I have so many things swirling around i my head right now, but these were the only things I could make sense of so here ya go folks...enjoy!

Oh on a positive note, we got our tax papers today, so tomorrow time to file the old tax return. Wooohoooo!!!!!!!

oh and fyi, the keyboard i'm using sticks really bad. I try to catch my typin errors please excuse :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well, it's a new year and a new change to everything is coming. Must be because i'm actually posting a blog!!! :P

We have had many changes in our lives lately. November 1st, Aaron finally made his way to the world. He is such a joy (even when screaming at me) and I LOVE watching him and Seth bond. Seth is such a good big brother and a huge help. I'm not sure what I would do without him!

We are moving from our apt because the electricity is outrageous, but that's a whole other post. We are going to be bouncing back and forth between family till we find what we are looking for. It will be an adjustment for everyone, but i'm exciting about spending more time with family.

The move we decided to make ended up being a blessing because Jan. 5th, John was laid off from his job after 5 years with the company. The economy hit their company had and just not bringing in business for title work. This too has been a good thing. Since Aug. John has been working a 2nd job and gone all the time. It doesn't take long of two people never seeing each other to lose touch with the other person. When he was home, we both got the kids taken care of and before we knew it we'd both passed out from exhaustion and never spoken to each other. In just one week, it's been so nice getting to know the man I married all over again. :P

I have so many Seth stories that I need to write down so I have a record of them. He never ceases to amaze me with what he comes up with. He is such an amazing little boy and I just stare at him and wonder where it came from?!!!

So, I know this was a random post of thoughts and ramblings, but now that I am back with internet this site will be up and hoppin soon!
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