Sunday, February 27, 2011

Date Night

Wish I had pictures (that I could post) of date night, but I don't.
Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at one of the new restaurants in Denison, Rig Grill something or nother.  The chicken fried steak was out of this world!!!! 

After we ate, we went to Target and got a new coffee pot.  I know, be jealous of wild and crazy antics.
Checked out Dress Barn for a bit.  Really, who's idea was it to name a ladies retail store Dress Barn?!  Why don't you just go ahead and name it Clothes for Heifers or something?!
Then we spent some more time window shoppin at Old Navy for a bit.

We stopped off at a park, and even at the sake of John making fun of me, I had him help me with some pictures for a post I'm wanting to do.  And while we were there taking pictures, I had him do some really funny poses.  He was crackin me up!  But I've been threatened with my life if I post them, so until I can think of a loop hole you guys are outta to John being a party pooper.

Random fyi, Seth has his first t-ball practice Thursday.  Goooooo Gators!!!


Amanda @ Life in bloom

I'm just now getting caught up on posts! HOW FUN!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!

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