Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If only

I had more time today to get all that was floating around in my head out.  I have such a great post I want to do, but I have to wait to get the 'extras' juuuuust right!

 This morning we had a great time at the park with friends, then lunch with Amanda and Tara at McDonalds!  Ohh Oh Oh, I just have to tell you this.   I wish I would have had a picture, but Seth and Amanda's little girl Addison were soooo cute playing today.  At one point they grabbed each others hands and were walking to the slide together.  LOVED IT!!!  Such a precious moment!

Anyway, after that we had to go get the radio fixed on MY NEW CAR!!!!!  new to us anyway
I will be posting pictures tomorrow.  See, that's how busy it's been because a new car is something you don't wait around to post about, but alas it will have to wait.

I'm exhausted, allergetic-is that a word? Ready to go to bed, but still have tons of housework and homework left to do.  So until tomorrow, here's a pic of what keeps me going with this stinkin school stuff!


Tiffani Rose

Yay!! A new car is great news!!!

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