Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Tiffany turned me on to this idea, where she got it from The Daybook.  Love reading their lists! I don't know that I will continue to this this each week but for today I have some to share.  It's my first time so don't judge me!

  • Sharing a romantic impromptu dance with your husband in the kitchen, only to be lifted for a spin and pee your pants.  Hey you have two kids and tell me you don't have leaks!
  • Leaving comments on others blog with your blog address and realizing you've typed it in wrong!  Hmm, makes me look intelligent.
  • Being sick and eating only cheese the last two do the math!
  • Running to the bathroom for an emergency and totally busting as you round the corner.  I gracefully crawled the rest of the way
  • Telling your husband how wonderful his cooked meal is, only to almost lose it at the table.  I swear it was because I'm sick baby, it really was wonderful!!!
  • Having nasty weather blow in that keeps your husband at home to keep the boys at the exact time your horribly sick. 
  • Having your 4yr old apologizing for giving you his tummy bug, then praying for you to get better
  • Having a working heater to keep us warm during this freezing weather, knowing that about a month ago we did not!
  • Laying in bed, listening to my 3 guys run around laughing and playing together.
  • Laying on the couch and hearing the gator in the kitchen.  Look to watch thinking it's Seth, but instead it's John driving by :) 
  • Having John home since Monday and getting extra family time together
No my list isn't the longest in the world, but they are MY awkward and awesome moments for the last couple days and ones I want to remember!



I laughed out loud several times!

Candace Stevenson

hahaah K all of that is golden. family time is THE BEST!! I just did the awkward&awesome thing, toooo. gotta luhv the daybook!

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