Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So not a lot of awkward going on for me this week, which is weird because I'm usually a walking defintion of awkward.  Let's take a look shall we...

  • Last minute decision to go get fast food for lunch instead of being a good mom.  Then being in the drive thru and realizing not only have I not brushed my hair, but I didn't put a bra on either!!!!   Amazing what you can forget trying to hustle two small children out the door
  • Being totally confused as to what day it is...all week long!  John was off Monday so I'm a day behind
  • Accidently passing gas in a public crowded place. Could.Have.Died!!!!!  Luckily I had the baby to blame it on...whew!
  • Only getting out of my pj's one day this week.  I did shower and change, but only to put on clean pj's or bummy house clothes
  • Running into an elderly man that I haven't seen in a long time and him telling me he didn't recognize me because I've gotten much prettier since highschool.  Hmmmm, was that a compliment or were you trying to tell me I was ugly then?????
  • Being in the play room in McDonalds, same day, and having Seth set off the emergency door alarm.  Even more awkward was the fact that after I told them no one seemed to care and let it scream for like 15 more minutes!!!!
  • Seth forgetting to shut the bathroom door and Aaron going for a potty bath.  Ugh, that more like awkwardly disguisting....GA-ROSS!!!!

  • John being off on Monday and letting me sleep in!  He's the best
  • Going to a playdate this week and spending some much needed time with friends. The kids and I both needed that!!!
  • Being in pj's all week long.  I loved it, it was really only awkward for those that had to look at me!
  • Finally giving the dog a bath.  She was one stinky dog!
  • Getting a wonderful compliment about my blog by someone I didn't even know read it.  Thanks Natalie, that REALLY made my day!!!!
  • And last but not least....MY NEW CAR!!!!! I love you John for getting it for me
    2005 Saturn Vue

It's soo roomy and nice

Thanks for reading, and it looks like I did better with my awkward than I thought!!


Amanda @ Life in bloom

Good ones!!!

I could comment and commiserate on a lot of those......but I won't :))


Congrats on the new car!!!! It looks awesome! I know it was a long time coming. So happy for you.

Tiffani Rose

I love the new car!! As for the farting in public, thank God for babies is all I have to say ;)

Thanks for linking up!!


So you tooted in public & blamed it on Aaron?! Bwahahahaha! And I think we all needed that playdate :) Looking forward to the warmer weather!


Just read this, but I got a much needed laugh so I'm commenting anyway! Personally, I think your "awkwards" should go under the "awesome" heading. :) I love when someone goes public with the embarrassing things we all do, but think we're the only ones. So, thanks for letting me know I'm not alone! :)

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