Friday, April 29, 2011

little sappy, with lots of happy!

So woke up totally missing some friends this morning.  I always miss them, but today was exceptionally bad.  One has moved permanently and our schedules just haven't worked to fit in some time to hang out :(
I have got to do something about that soon!!!

One hasn't moved permanently but it feels like it.  Her husbands job has them doing some work out of town, and her and the boys tagged along.  They've been gone FOREVER!!! Like seriously, what did you leave in February?  Hurry home!

One lives in another state and although it is only 30 mins away, it's enough to make it inconvenient for a quick visit when she and I both have 2 kids to drag along. Boooo

And one is a child hood friend that I have reconnected with-just like we never stopped hanging out- but darn that living in another town!!!  Aren't you people suppose to clear your moving and leaving with me first?!

And my close in town friend was preparing for company, otherwise I would have bugged her to death today!

So Tiff, Casie, Amanda and Tonya I miss you guys and ready to hang out soon.  Kisha be lucky you were busy or you'd have had to entertain me all day today!

So that's my sappy, let me share my happy....DATE NIGHT!!!!!

John and I have a sitter (hear that people, a sitter) and we are going to be gone from 6-12...yes midnight!!!!!

A couple years ago, one of John's buddy's from college passed away.  He was a great musician, and a really sweet guy.  Right afterwards the plans were put in the making to have a benefit concert in his honor to raise money for a music scholarship for SOSU.  I got to go for like an hour last year, but it was too loud for the boys.  This year, I get to go for most of the whole time, with John and our other friends and have a great time hanging out and reconnecting.  It will be the whole crew he went to highschool/college with that has accepted me into the club.  Like the crew was all dating each other, so John is the only one that married an 'outsider'. lol  I'm soo excited about tonight, and mostly I can't wait to hear Aaron play and sing.  The reunion of their old college band Haag Circus is amazing, and they do a great job of covering Journey.  I especially love to hear Aaron sing Lights.  It's going to be such a fun night!

Sometimes a good dose of friends is all that is needed to clear out the blues.  And to my girls I mentioned above, I'm making plans for a serious GNO this summer and you all WILL be there! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  • End of year group projects when you are taking online no I'm not driving 4 hrs to meet you I don't care how much my grade depends on it!!!
  • My end of year burnout.  I'm currently burnout on EVERYTHING including being a mom :(
  • The whiny start to this awkward session...sorry folks!
I"m just going to shut the door on the awkwards today!  I don't think they are going to improve...

  • John running with me now!  He's lost 7lbs, but I'm too big of a chicken to get on the scales...
  • For now, it looks like tornado weather is going to chill out a bit
  • The massive strawberry on my strawberry plant!! did I really have to specify strawberry plant?!  I bet you were confused and wondering if it came off my zucchini!
  • John surprised me with a nook color and I'm loving it!!!!  He got it for me this past weekends and I've already read 2 books!!!  none of which were a text book in case you were wondering :)
  • Getting a night out tomorrow. I. CAN'T.WAIT!!!!  It is a benefit concert for a friend of ours that passed. This is the 2nd year to have it and raise money for a music scholarship in his honor.  Last year I had to take the boys back home it was too loud, but this time we have a sitter...till midnight even!!!!! 
  • My new jewelry.  I had a friend that did make it, but after her baby, she's found something better to fill her time.  I was excited to see another friend making it now.

Glad to be back and blogging with clear sunny skies.  Now to catch up on what I've missed for a week!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On leave till weather is improved

So we are experiencing a brief moment of beautiful weather right now, and I wanted to take a minute to jump on here.  I haven't posted since last Thursday, which is also the same time tornado weather decided to blow in and stay awhile.

Here in our neck of the woods, good ol' Texas, tornado's are a common thing but that doesn't mean I EVER get used to them.  We have been under a tornado watch for seriously since Thursday night.  We have to swim to get in/out of the house.  My dogs are living in our garage, and we have a bunker set up in the hallway! 

I liked this weather before kids,
 and before riding out a tornado near
 La Grange, TX about 7 yrs ago
on our way to go see our new nephew.
 Like we seriously called to tell our families
goodbye. God is the ONLY thing that saves us from that monster!!!! *I googled to see if I could find any pic during that time.  Thank you Eric Nguyen for capturing this awesome pic of the one we rode out!

Sat night, we though we had some time to grab dinner.  We took the kids to hubs parents, went in to Texas Roadhouse with sunny weather, enjoyed a great steak, and came out to nasty weather.  We raced to grab the kids and head home.  We were almost there when the tornado sirens went off and one was spotted on Hwy 82 coming into town.  Wanna know where we a red light on the intersection of 75/82 with it headed right for us.  Talk about poop your pants kinda scared!!!! (by walmart for you local peeps)

We made it home, and after much prayer it hooked and went towards Pottsboro.  (great for us, bad for them)  Thankfully no touchdown was made near houses/buildings and no one was hurt.  Here are pictures that I stole off facebook with permission from my friends in our hometown.  This is what we have looked like the last 5 days.  The weather is/has/still expected to be bad enough that Reed Timmer and his crew from Discovery Channels Storm Chasers came into town.  Mega cool, in a bad for us kind of way!  Here's pictures of them eating at Pop's Place. an awesome local resturant and the weather they were chasing!

And if you've been in this weather, where there are tornado, this is surely to follow!

So we have about another week they expect us to have this weather and I'm not sure how often I'll be on.  I'm missing catching up on what all is going on in the blog world.  Hope to catch up with you soon, and for those that live in my safe!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I don't have a lot of exciting things going on right now, so I can't even begin to tell you how boring I imagine this post will be.  But since I'm "that person" I'll bore you anyway!!

  • Arguing with a squirrel.  Yes, I really did.  I walked out and found it in my garden bed.  It ran up the tree and started yelling at me first, so of course I had to yell back.  I vividly described the horrible things that would happen to him if he got back in my garden.  He hasn't yet...I'd recognize those beady eyes...but he is sending all him family members!
  • Losing 12 calladium bulbs, 8 strawberries, a bell pepper and a zucchini plant due to that stinkin squirrel and his family!
  • Waiting in a parking lot to give someone their Mary Kay order and not knowing what they drive, while staring down everyone that pulls in and looking like a creeper!
  • My son telling the cashier to please hurry cause he needed to poop! (awkward for her, hilarious for me)
  • Pulling a groin muscle...didn't know girls could do that!?!
  • School almost being done!!!
  • John getting a 4 day weekend!
  • Almost a full week of working out and eating very healthy without any major craving or crashes
  • Getting pictures in the bluebonnets finally!  Now to get them loaded, edited and posted
  • Today's naptime, my children are driving me bonkers. 
  • Eating lunch in peace during their naptime....I hear you taco soup, I'm coming!
  • Hopefully Seth's t-ball game tonight if we don't get rained out.  Either way we'll celebrate with ice cream cones :)

Hope your AA were more exciting than mine.  Can't wait to read them!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It finally happened...

Ladies and Gentlemen,  It's the moment you've all been waiting for!!!  Envelope please...

And the Mom of the Year award goes to Kristi!!!!

*cue applause*

First, I'd like to thank my school for the end of the year crunch! 
It's truly what allows me to be this kind of mom

Next, I'd like to thank Little Debbie, General Mills and Eggo for supplying our breakfast.
What would we do without your sugar filled goodness?!

PBS, Disney Channel and Nick Jr, you have always been there when I needed a distraction while taking a test!
And DVD Player I love you as much as your t.v. friends!

And when Aaron was climbing on everything while I was trying to work, Goldfish and Highchair, you saved the day.

Last but not least, Naptime!  While everyone else could only do so much, you were the one I looked forward too seeing most every day!  You renewed my strength and energy and gave me just the push I needed to carry on.  You were there for my kids, and occasionally me, and I can't thank you enough!

And in true Roseanne fashion, I will now say goodbye.   I have a bag of chips and a couch waiting for me! 

*19 more days and school is over, then I pray life gets back to normal.  It's kickin my bootay!

Monday, April 18, 2011

30 day shred!

Oh Jillian Michaels, you did your best to try and defeat me tonight, but I brought it!  Could I do full!  Could I even really do the modified!   While doing jumping jack, jumping rope and butt kicks did I realize I have a serious leaky bladder...yes!  But did I finish and feel good about myself ready to eat a cheeseburger be a healthier person...YES!!!!

John, my awesome hubs, did a great job hangin in there with me tonight.  It was our first night to start the 30 day shred and let me tell ya people, she doesn't mess around!!!  What's up with this no rest business, cause I'm the type of person that likes to grab my bag of chips and just watch you do the workout then feel exhausted afterwards. I wanted to do that tonight, but I was afraid she was going to jump out of the t.v. and beat me up!  If it hadn't have been for doing zumba for a while, I'm 100% sure, I would have passed out!  My arms are barely able to type this post...whew!

On a funny note, my 1 yr old Aaron loves to workout with me.  Both boys do actually.  So as normal we gathered on the rug to get busy.  When Jillian Michaels came out to do her pep talk, A backed up some and stood close to me.  Then when the workout started he totally freaked!!!  Screaming, grabbing at me wanting to be held.  When I picked him up, he was shaking!  So my workout didn't happen.  When the hubs got home I put it one to show him what Aaron did.  Same freakout!  Still wasn't completely sure what the problem was till we were picking up movies and I handed him the workout cover.  As soon as he saw her, went bonkers!  I pulled up her pictures on the computer...hysterical!  He is totally freaked by her.  Not sure why, but it's too funny!

I mean really, why would he think she's scary?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Style

So someone *cough Amanda cough* has been after me to write a post about my journey to style!

In trying to find my inner sense of style, I thought I'd finally listen to my good friend and dedicate Saturday to my attempts!  I have decided that I am going to use $20 out of every pay check and see what kind of thrifty finds I can get out of it, and come back and show you guys.

Let me fill you in on my style now.
  • Hair always in a ponytail or pulled back (have no idea how to fix this thick mess)
  • Usually always in lounge pants and t-shirt.  Current wardrobe black jersey pants and camo shirt...hott huh!
  • Very rarely wear makeup
  • Going out is jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes occasionally with a hat
  • Sunday is the only day I wear a dress
Me on most days

Here's a couple of pictures of when I attempted to dress up

For me, although still needing much improvements, these were a far cry better than my usual wardrobe choice.  I have been going through lots of looks trying to figure out what I like or what I think I'd actually  wear cause I have a lot of body insecurities.  So since our anniversary is coming up, I scheduled pictured for John and I and went to Old Navy to find something new.  I scored a dress and shrug for about $20 and was really happy with that price. It's brighter and bolder than I'd normally wear but I wanted something different. 

So here's my first showing of my Saturday Style.  I have a long ways to go, but at least I'm moving now!

I also noticed once I saw the pictures that I still have a preggo belly (or maybe this style dress just isn't for my body type yet).  So along with my style, I've kicked my workouts up to try to get rid of it.  That's a whole other blog post tho!

Excited to try and get back into the world of fashion and I'd appreciate any and all tips!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

Friday's can be tough days because I have homework assignments due at noon.  No matter how hard I try to get my other classes done so Thursday night I can do Friday's assignments, it just doesn't work. 
And my boys must sense the weekend, because they go bananas on Fridays. 

Lately Seth has been working on understanding how aging works.  He's all about reminding me that when he's older, I'm going to be an old lady.  "Momma, I will always love you even when I'm big and you're wrinkly old"

So today, trying to meet my homework deadline, at my wits end with Seth being loud and active while Aaron climbs on everything imaginable finding random objects to stick in his mouth, I thought I was going to lose it.  Actually, I think I did lose it.  I pretended to have no teeth and talked in an old lady voice as I chased them around the house tickling them saying "come 'ere sunny!  Let your old momma give you some sugars."

Love weird special moment like this with my boys!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

So I was searching around the blogworld, and came across someone who participated in Meet Me On Monday.  It was linked back to Java at Never Growing Old.  I'm so excited to start participating in this and think it's a great idea.  Each Sunday night, she posts 5 questions for you to copy and paste on your own blog then answer.  Simple right!  So welcome to my first edition of Meet Me On Monday!

1. Who would be your dream celebrity date?
Hmmm,  now if the question was who do I think is good looking then my answer would be Gerard Butler.

on scruffy days, I think John kinda looks like him only John has a way better smile!!!

 But for a celebrity date (not like a date date, but like a day(te) with a friend) it would totally be Sandra Bullock.  If I were to just meet her, I know we would be friends.  She seems so cool and down to earth and like someone I'd like to hang out with!

2. Do you have any food restrictions?
Purple onions = death onion!!!!  I am HIGHLY allergic, like kill me dead, fanito, it's over, she's a gonner kind of allergic!!!

3. How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?
How much time do I take, or how much time should I take?  Seeing as I don't get ready in the morning and stay in my pj's at home with the boys, it's as soon as I'm done brushing my teeth...I'm ready!

4. Sausage or bacon?
BAAAACON....baconbaconbacon!!!  I could eat my weight in bacon.

haha, I thought this was funny and it was in my bacon search!?!

5. Do you Google, Bing or Yahoo?
 I'm a google girl, the other just get on my nerves.  They seem much more complicated for some reason?!

Nice talkin to ya today, and hope you catch next Monday to find out a little more about me!!!

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