Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Couple Project

So, I'm soo excited about the project John and I completed tonight...together!!!  While Seth was sick he had an accident and despite my many attempts to get the smell all cleaned out I just couldn't.  Soooo, what's a girl with a heightened sense of smell to do?  You give in?  Well, you replace the couch cushions!  Here's how our little project went down.

*John was such a great sport with me snapping pictures and he even humored me as I made him pose for some.  Gotta love me babe. 

The foam roll-it's 2.5yards of 5" thick foam

The yuck nasty one it was replacing...ewwww

The batting that I bought to wrap about cushion for some extra fluff

Using the old cushion as a pattern to make new one

Both drawn and ready to cut

The type of knife needed to cut foam.

The crazed psycho needed to operate above mentioned knife.
*This is humored pose by was worth it!

less crazed more cutting

Cushion #1, ready for batting

batting was for a full size bed.  I folded it yellow star to yellow star, then red to red and cut on the fold.
This gave me 2 sections to cover each cushion.

I used craft glue to stick the batting down
a little trim-a-roo
replace the cushion covers and voila!!!!

I think it looks great and best of all, the covers were freshly washed so the couch smells soo nice!  I'm super proud of us and we had a great time doing it.  I wish I could tell you about our conversations, but you'd REALLY have to understand the two of us otherwise it just sounds mean.  Like this-
John: Hmmm my phone is acting stupid
Me: Wasn't when I had it
John: Well that's the problem, it caught your stupid

Bwhahahahahhahaha, ahhh I love our marriage :)


Tiffani Rose

You guys did a great job!!! I am sure the couch is super comfy and cozy with new stuffing and a washing!


Wow! I'm so impressed!


I would have never thought to do that! So impressed you guys!


Thats great! Johns picture is hilarious!

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