Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gettin a button thingamajig

So, I'll have to tell you the full reason why on another post because I don't have time to do all the fancy schmancy links right now, but the moral of the story is:

My blog needs a button

So, to have a button your blog it would need to have something that gives a clue to your blog.  What is my blog about you ask?
Well about any random bit of info that pops into my head, my boys (John included), a life something, a craft, or linking you to another blog.  We are just a little hodge podge of knowledgeable wealth here a Living a Blessed Life!

So, here's some pictures that I've found that may do justice. I'm still working but i'd love for you to tell me your fav, or any ideas you may have of what would work! Thanks for the help peeps!

I just thought this was funny!



Ummmm first off your blog is getting all high tech ( you'll need to help me when I get back, I want to jazz up mine)
Second, I like the boys in a box or the lady with a tea cup :)


You didn't like Crack is Whack?! haha, I just thought that was funny!

Tiffani Rose

I love Crack is wack!!! My fav is the lady with the black and white tights (I may steal it from you ;)) What's with the button??? I want to know!!

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