Saturday, January 29, 2011

Remembering the past

I had a beautiful time with John and the boys yesterday, going back to visit some of the small towns John grew up in. I have always heard the stories but to actually see them and most importantly see the memories and excitement just ooze from John was more than my heart could handle. It was sooo neat to see him all giddy over everything and walk around these precious towns with him. Here's a glimpse into our memories!

Louise, TX...I love old watertowers

Standing in front of lumberyard his dad used to work at.  Those were the doors to his dads office.

The house John lived in, that I would love to live in now.  It was seriously the cutest ever!

The "Church House" another house he lived in, that was having a garage sale so we got to go up close.

The big house, yet another he lived in.  It was being remodeled so we walked all around it.

Shots through the windows

Love this front door.  Such charm

Priceless Picture

Havin a dance party with the cousins

Takin a rest, dancing is exhausting :)


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