Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Favorites

So I'm thinking about doing something new called Friday's Favorites.

It will be where I share links to all the really cool things I've seen throughout the week.  This will give me time to ask permission, or at least comment telling them I'm doing so and gradually put this post together throughout the week.   So, let's get on with the goodness shall we!

Cheri over at I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar, is one of my favorite blogs.  You can always count on her for great ideas.  Today she is sharing from another blog some awesome free preschool printables.  They are super cool and can't wait to print some out for here.  *Also, if you go to the right side of her page you will see links for some of her other great ideas, like my new obsessions: freezer paper stencils and bleach pen t-shirts!!!

Stacy at The Birthday Blog is completely new to me this week.  She has dedicated this whole blog to birthday party ideas complete with pictures of cakes, activities, games and decorations.  This site is a heaven send, because I love to get all theme crazy at parties!!!  Go check her out, and if you've had some great parities in the past be sure to email her because she just might feature YOU!  I'm pointing at you FYI

Same Stacy, different blog also has another great blog Not Just a Housewife.  Kudos Stacy for keeping up with both, you are a busy women-seriously this supermom has 4 boys!!!!  She always has great ideas and tutorials, and my favorite is her 'Show Me What Ya Got'.  It's a linky party for all her readers to share their great ideas, crafts, food or whatever. It's the perfect stop for a whole plethora ooooo ya like that big fancy word there of links.  Warning: will consume lots of your time and cause your finger to uncontrollable click another link, even when your children are trying to get your attention!

My new friend Yvonne  , who is always great to share new sites, introduced me to my new love The Saucy Kitchen  Thanks Yvonee!!!  The Saucy Kitchen site is full of such delicious goodness, that I could get lost in this blog for 72 years.  Seriously people, she has such great things like her tabs at the top for pantry basics, dairy substitutes and she even has a menu all laid out for you.  Go check her out, and thank me later!

And last but not least is a blog that has a post for everything you could thing of.  Readers meet Totally Tutorial  It's a collections of different authors, so I have no name for you, but they have tutorials for EVERYTHING!  This is where I got my link for an awesome crochet dinosaur cap.  Just go to the labels on the right of the page, and look under whatever topic your interested in.  It's pure creativity jammed packed into one little blog stop.  Thanks ladies for all your hard work to make it such a great site!

So that's it for now.  Hope you find some new favorites yourself.  If you find something that you think needs to be featured but don't feel like featuring it yourself, shoot me an email.  I'll add it and give you credit by linking them to your page as well.   Just like I did with Yvonne-only Yvonne won't know that I did this until she reads today because this idea came to me as I started a new post.  You see these ideas, they just come to me because I'm a genius or something.  Anyway, along with a button for my blog, I'm going to make a grab button for those that were featured here.  I'm thinking maybe a thumbs up picture that says You Were Approved for Fridays Favorites.  Hmmm, who knows?  Ok, now quit reading my ramblings and go check out these new sites!



Awesome! I'll be checking them out. thx! :)

Tiffani Rose

I don't want you to do this!!! I will be forced to look at all the new sites, and I don't have the time LOL No seriously, I think it is great!!


I agree with Tiffani! LOL But thanks for the birthday one because just this week I have been saving to my "favorites" stuff to help me get started on Brady's first birthday. YIKES! I can't believe he will be ONE in a little over 3 months. *sniff, sniff*


Thanks so much for featuring my site! You said such lovely things and I'm so appreciative! Now to check out the rest... :)

Yvonne Martinez

You are too, too sweet to mention me! :) Looking forward to checking out your great finds; awesome idea! :)

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