Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Thursday and you know what that means...

Let's get right to it shall we!

  • Cooking chicken fajitas and all of us getting food poisoning.  Not cool people
  • Saying we were going to Van Alstyne and my oldest thought I said Austin,then the insane amount of tears that followed because we were NOT going to be able to see his best buddy.   WE MISS YOU BEN!
  • Having this conversation with my 4yr old:
    • Me:  Seth, mommy's sorry for being so grouchy today
    • Seth: It's ok mommy.  It doesn't mean you are a bad mommy, you are just having a bad day.  But you do need to find a better way to handle your grouchy days.   Excuse me, aren't you just 4?!?!
  • Going off on some rude people at Walmart because they were giving a girl a hard time for trying to pay for diapers and formula all in quarters.  Times are hard people, yeah it may take longer but you mouth isn't make her feel better OR making the line move shut it!  *To actually speak up is so not my personality.  Guess I still hadn't learned how to handle my grouchy day!

  • Having beautiful weather this week, and being able to open up the windows!
  • Getting to spend a little time with our friends at some playdates this week!
  • Aaron got his first haircut last night.  And bonus was that Seth was at cubbies so we got to spend that special first just with him!!!!
  • Going to spend the weekend with my sister.  We miss her SOOO much!
  • No one is sick!!!!!!  Knock on wood!
  • Losing 15lbs and needing smaller jeans  silver lining to being sick
  • Aaron has started with the random hugs and saying I love you.  Melts my heart
  • Spending an hour at the bookstore!



Tiffani Rose

Booo to those mean fajitas for giving you food poisoning!!

Yay to smaller pants and big boy haircuts!!!!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

Great post--thanks for making me laugh!

Warmly, Michelle

Yvonne Martinez

Looks like you figured out how to link up - I got here from Tiff's A&A post! ;)

There is nothing better than solo time at Half Price Books for me... min-vaca!! :D

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