Monday, February 28, 2011

One of those days

So I'm going to try again tomorrow!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Date Night

Wish I had pictures (that I could post) of date night, but I don't.
Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at one of the new restaurants in Denison, Rig Grill something or nother.  The chicken fried steak was out of this world!!!! 

After we ate, we went to Target and got a new coffee pot.  I know, be jealous of wild and crazy antics.
Checked out Dress Barn for a bit.  Really, who's idea was it to name a ladies retail store Dress Barn?!  Why don't you just go ahead and name it Clothes for Heifers or something?!
Then we spent some more time window shoppin at Old Navy for a bit.

We stopped off at a park, and even at the sake of John making fun of me, I had him help me with some pictures for a post I'm wanting to do.  And while we were there taking pictures, I had him do some really funny poses.  He was crackin me up!  But I've been threatened with my life if I post them, so until I can think of a loop hole you guys are outta to John being a party pooper.

Random fyi, Seth has his first t-ball practice Thursday.  Goooooo Gators!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Silhouette Giveaway

DIY Giveaway Now Closed

I want a silhouette SO bad, like *ttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssss* much!!!

It is similar to the cricut, except instead of having to purchase separate cartridges, it connects to the computer.  It prints and cuts on paper, vinyl and material. 

Over at DIY Show Off they are offering a chance to win one of these babies.  Go check it out and do all that it takes to get as many entries so you can try to win this for me for you!!

Good luck!

Friday's Favorites

So I'm thinking about doing something new called Friday's Favorites.

It will be where I share links to all the really cool things I've seen throughout the week.  This will give me time to ask permission, or at least comment telling them I'm doing so and gradually put this post together throughout the week.   So, let's get on with the goodness shall we!

Cheri over at I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar, is one of my favorite blogs.  You can always count on her for great ideas.  Today she is sharing from another blog some awesome free preschool printables.  They are super cool and can't wait to print some out for here.  *Also, if you go to the right side of her page you will see links for some of her other great ideas, like my new obsessions: freezer paper stencils and bleach pen t-shirts!!!

Stacy at The Birthday Blog is completely new to me this week.  She has dedicated this whole blog to birthday party ideas complete with pictures of cakes, activities, games and decorations.  This site is a heaven send, because I love to get all theme crazy at parties!!!  Go check her out, and if you've had some great parities in the past be sure to email her because she just might feature YOU!  I'm pointing at you FYI

Same Stacy, different blog also has another great blog Not Just a Housewife.  Kudos Stacy for keeping up with both, you are a busy women-seriously this supermom has 4 boys!!!!  She always has great ideas and tutorials, and my favorite is her 'Show Me What Ya Got'.  It's a linky party for all her readers to share their great ideas, crafts, food or whatever. It's the perfect stop for a whole plethora ooooo ya like that big fancy word there of links.  Warning: will consume lots of your time and cause your finger to uncontrollable click another link, even when your children are trying to get your attention!

My new friend Yvonne  , who is always great to share new sites, introduced me to my new love The Saucy Kitchen  Thanks Yvonee!!!  The Saucy Kitchen site is full of such delicious goodness, that I could get lost in this blog for 72 years.  Seriously people, she has such great things like her tabs at the top for pantry basics, dairy substitutes and she even has a menu all laid out for you.  Go check her out, and thank me later!

And last but not least is a blog that has a post for everything you could thing of.  Readers meet Totally Tutorial  It's a collections of different authors, so I have no name for you, but they have tutorials for EVERYTHING!  This is where I got my link for an awesome crochet dinosaur cap.  Just go to the labels on the right of the page, and look under whatever topic your interested in.  It's pure creativity jammed packed into one little blog stop.  Thanks ladies for all your hard work to make it such a great site!

So that's it for now.  Hope you find some new favorites yourself.  If you find something that you think needs to be featured but don't feel like featuring it yourself, shoot me an email.  I'll add it and give you credit by linking them to your page as well.   Just like I did with Yvonne-only Yvonne won't know that I did this until she reads today because this idea came to me as I started a new post.  You see these ideas, they just come to me because I'm a genius or something.  Anyway, along with a button for my blog, I'm going to make a grab button for those that were featured here.  I'm thinking maybe a thumbs up picture that says You Were Approved for Fridays Favorites.  Hmmm, who knows?  Ok, now quit reading my ramblings and go check out these new sites!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So not a lot of awkward going on for me this week, which is weird because I'm usually a walking defintion of awkward.  Let's take a look shall we...

  • Last minute decision to go get fast food for lunch instead of being a good mom.  Then being in the drive thru and realizing not only have I not brushed my hair, but I didn't put a bra on either!!!!   Amazing what you can forget trying to hustle two small children out the door
  • Being totally confused as to what day it is...all week long!  John was off Monday so I'm a day behind
  • Accidently passing gas in a public crowded place. Could.Have.Died!!!!!  Luckily I had the baby to blame it on...whew!
  • Only getting out of my pj's one day this week.  I did shower and change, but only to put on clean pj's or bummy house clothes
  • Running into an elderly man that I haven't seen in a long time and him telling me he didn't recognize me because I've gotten much prettier since highschool.  Hmmmm, was that a compliment or were you trying to tell me I was ugly then?????
  • Being in the play room in McDonalds, same day, and having Seth set off the emergency door alarm.  Even more awkward was the fact that after I told them no one seemed to care and let it scream for like 15 more minutes!!!!
  • Seth forgetting to shut the bathroom door and Aaron going for a potty bath.  Ugh, that more like awkwardly disguisting....GA-ROSS!!!!

  • John being off on Monday and letting me sleep in!  He's the best
  • Going to a playdate this week and spending some much needed time with friends. The kids and I both needed that!!!
  • Being in pj's all week long.  I loved it, it was really only awkward for those that had to look at me!
  • Finally giving the dog a bath.  She was one stinky dog!
  • Getting a wonderful compliment about my blog by someone I didn't even know read it.  Thanks Natalie, that REALLY made my day!!!!
  • And last but not least....MY NEW CAR!!!!! I love you John for getting it for me
    2005 Saturn Vue

It's soo roomy and nice

Thanks for reading, and it looks like I did better with my awkward than I thought!!

A reason to be thankful

Last night, I had a friend ask prayer for a family that was going through a horribly difficult time in their life.  Something that no family should EVER have to deal with...the loss of a child.  I felt horrible about my post last night after reading their story,   Beware it is not one to read, unless you are where you can cry!

I often get caught up in wanting my house to be and stay clean, that I often overlook the little blessings that are messing it up.  While I am sure I will be aggravated over it again, for now I am going to enjoy the chaos because it means something different today.

It means that my little monsters are happily running around playing.  It means that God has blessed me with another day to hear their laughter, their yells, their screams, their tears.  One more day of silly knockknock jokes that don't make any sense.  One more day of changing dirty diapers-and being thankful for it.  One more day to clean up billions of toys, because unlike this poor mother, I am not picking them up for the last time. 

So as you go through your day today and anytime you think about it in the future, say a prayer for this family. They will be needing all the prayers they can get, even if it is from strangers.

Hug your babies today whether big or small.  Tell the people that are special in your life that you love them.  Smile with sincerity at the strangers you pass today, because you never know the struggles they are going through. 

You fill my day with constant surprises as to what you will say or do.  There is never a dull moment that is for sure.  You are so imaginative, smart, loving and one of the most caring little boys I have ever met.  You never cease to amaze me with your concern and compassion for people.  Always making sure that I remember to help those in need, like the lady in the grocery store that couldn't reach an item.  You noticed and asked if I could lift you up so you could get it for her.  You made her so happy, and me a proud momma.  You notice peoples expressions and if someone looks sad, you are quick to want to make them feel better.  I love that about you and hope that never changes.  You are a special little boy that I know God has BIG plans for, and I am glad that I was picked to be your mommy and take this special journey with you!  I love you bigger than a giganotosaurus!

You are a mischievous bundle of energy with an extreme attitude, but I wouldn't have you any other way.  You melt my heart with your wrinkled nose grin and big toothy smile.  Your laughter is contagious and those eyes turn me to mush.   When I tell you "NO", you sucker me in by grabbing my face, putting your forehead to mine and sweetly say "ahhh mom".  I love watching you learn and grow, and it's happening so fast.  Each day is a new adventure with you, that's for sure.  .  Even at one I know that you are going to be a strong independent young man with a determination that won't stop.  God gave you to us to help complete our family and again we were blessed with the privilege to be parents to another spectacular little boy.  Thank you for being you, and my precious little slobber monkey.  Momma loves you!
Love you two goobers!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If only

I had more time today to get all that was floating around in my head out.  I have such a great post I want to do, but I have to wait to get the 'extras' juuuuust right!

 This morning we had a great time at the park with friends, then lunch with Amanda and Tara at McDonalds!  Ohh Oh Oh, I just have to tell you this.   I wish I would have had a picture, but Seth and Amanda's little girl Addison were soooo cute playing today.  At one point they grabbed each others hands and were walking to the slide together.  LOVED IT!!!  Such a precious moment!

Anyway, after that we had to go get the radio fixed on MY NEW CAR!!!!!  new to us anyway
I will be posting pictures tomorrow.  See, that's how busy it's been because a new car is something you don't wait around to post about, but alas it will have to wait.

I'm exhausted, allergetic-is that a word? Ready to go to bed, but still have tons of housework and homework left to do.  So until tomorrow, here's a pic of what keeps me going with this stinkin school stuff!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Catchup

Did you miss me my lovelies?  I know that when you don't post, I miss reading about your lives, so I'm just going to assume the same is true for me.  If not, keep it to yourself and don't bust my bubble!

Moving on, we had a WONDERFUL time this weekend with my sister.  We were out in the sticks of Oklahoma, which is why I couldn't post.   Anyway, although I talk to my sister daily, but it wasn't until we were there hanging out again that I realize how much I miss her! And I think she missed me too.
 My sister and I go about life just a little bit differently than the rest of the normal crowd.  And if you've ever been around us, you know that's true!

Wait, hang on just a sec. Ahhhh that's  much better.  I'm now laying on my couch since you can't see me, do you have your pen and paper ready?
You see it all started when we were little girls.......

But seriously, we don't show emotions.  We don't say we missed you, we don't hug, we don't express any personal feeling to each other AT ALL except for when we are angry and then we grab a drink from sonic and drive aimlessly around town bashing the world.  Soo, for us to joke that we were so excited to see each other that we should hug or something really meant we'd missed each other.
 (We didn't hug in case you were wondering, that would be weird!)

The boys had such a good time and they have really missed Rachel too.  It's sad because Aaron hasn't been able to spend as much time with her as Seth did.  She moved not too long after A was born.  But he made up for it this weekend loving all over her.

My sister spoils the boys rotten, and this time was no different.  We kinda threw out the window relaxed on our rules with food, tv and all the buzz kills while we were there.  The boys loved it.

They ran around with bags of doughnuts

They ate cupcakes 

 Brain overloaded on cartoons

Played baseball, ran around outside, and hung out in rocking chairs

Mark cooked some yummy dogs and burger too!

Inside we had lots of silly times laughing with Rachel and Mark

Izzy gave us lots of love while we were there

Aaron love screaming with "Marp Marp" and having tickle wars!

Before we left, we even got in some target practice

We all hated to leave and wish we could have stayed longer.  Seth just kept hugging on them and saying "I have some bad news.  We have to leave today"  :(  But we will be back.  She is only 3 hrs away, so we plan to make this an every other month type of thing and lots of other fun weekends are in the makings...waterparks, camping and more like this one.  We only left the house once to get more bread and the rest of the time we hardly ever got out of pj's!! 

Can't wait to catch up on everyone weekend.  My dashboard is full of great posts just waiting for me to read. Like seriously, there are a ton to read.  Miss one weekend of reading and sheesh!!   I keep forgetting today is Tuesday tho.  John being off work Monday has my week totally thrown off.  This is  Tuesday right?!  Anyway, hope your long weekend was as wonderful as mine...but I doubt it! ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adding a signature

Tiff, this is just for you ;)  This is my first "How To" so please be patient with me.  I tried to give you screen shots along the way so you could see exactly what I was talking about.  They may be small, but you will at least have a visual to know you are following the steps.  Ok, here we go!

First things first, go to this website.
Follow all the instructions on getting the signature you want using the wizard option. 
Then you can come back here for how to put it in your blog.  Or go to this link, which is where I leaned.
*let me give you a little hint multiple windows.  If you are like me, you'll forget and it's just easier to toggle back and forth!

Once you have made your signature, picked font,size, color, tilt and all the goodies you want, it will tell you that you are finished. 
It will look like this
You want to:Want to download this signature.

It will bring you to this page, that has the URL code you will need to copy and put in your template later on.  Don't close this page, you will need to come back to it 

Go back to your blog, click on Design, then Edit HTML tab.   
 Above the box that has all the mumbo jumbo, you will see a check box that says "Expand Widget Template" check it.  Give it just a sec to let it do its thing.  After it has expanded, hit Control F, and it will bring up a search box at the top of your tool bar.

In this search box, you will put one of three codes.  Try the first, if it does not bring up any results move on to the next until you find one in your template.  It will highlight it, as shown in the picture above.
*You will notice that codes in your widget will begin and end with  < >,That is suppose to be in the codes below, but blogger would not let me add them and it still show up. 

1.  div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'
2.  p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'
3. data:post.body/
Just copy and paste each code into the search box

Now the tricky part. 
Once the search box finds the code you are looking for, you are going to add this new code underneath the searched one.
*Remember to put < > at the beginning and end of this code, it is required. See above picture!

img src='url_of_your_signature_image' style='border:0px;'/

Then do you see where it says "url_of_your_signature_image"

This is where you will replace what is the in quotations, with the URL from your signature page.  It is this one remember...

Once that is replaced, preview your page to see that your signature is there and if so, save your work.

*Note:  I did not like where it put my signature, I wanted it further down.  So I played with the placement of my new code until I was happy, then saved my work.

Your signature should now appear with each post. 
I hope this makes sense and has helped clear up any questions on how to do this.  But if you still have any questions be sure to ask, and I'll get right back with the answer.

It's Thursday and you know what that means...

Let's get right to it shall we!

  • Cooking chicken fajitas and all of us getting food poisoning.  Not cool people
  • Saying we were going to Van Alstyne and my oldest thought I said Austin,then the insane amount of tears that followed because we were NOT going to be able to see his best buddy.   WE MISS YOU BEN!
  • Having this conversation with my 4yr old:
    • Me:  Seth, mommy's sorry for being so grouchy today
    • Seth: It's ok mommy.  It doesn't mean you are a bad mommy, you are just having a bad day.  But you do need to find a better way to handle your grouchy days.   Excuse me, aren't you just 4?!?!
  • Going off on some rude people at Walmart because they were giving a girl a hard time for trying to pay for diapers and formula all in quarters.  Times are hard people, yeah it may take longer but you mouth isn't make her feel better OR making the line move shut it!  *To actually speak up is so not my personality.  Guess I still hadn't learned how to handle my grouchy day!

  • Having beautiful weather this week, and being able to open up the windows!
  • Getting to spend a little time with our friends at some playdates this week!
  • Aaron got his first haircut last night.  And bonus was that Seth was at cubbies so we got to spend that special first just with him!!!!
  • Going to spend the weekend with my sister.  We miss her SOOO much!
  • No one is sick!!!!!!  Knock on wood!
  • Losing 15lbs and needing smaller jeans  silver lining to being sick
  • Aaron has started with the random hugs and saying I love you.  Melts my heart
  • Spending an hour at the bookstore!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, it's been a day!  Not much to say here, except I'm glad it's bed time.  I have a full day of housework tomorrow since I've put it off for 2 days trying to catch up on the homework I  put to the side while we were all sick.  Can we jump to spring break, then right on to summer vacation please!!!!  So my lovelies, I'll see you tomorrow for the Awkward and Awesome post!

Just want to share a few pics of the boys!

Love the big guy!

And this little one!!! *take a good look at those curls, they are gone :(

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gettin a button thingamajig

So, I'll have to tell you the full reason why on another post because I don't have time to do all the fancy schmancy links right now, but the moral of the story is:

My blog needs a button

So, to have a button your blog it would need to have something that gives a clue to your blog.  What is my blog about you ask?
Well about any random bit of info that pops into my head, my boys (John included), a life something, a craft, or linking you to another blog.  We are just a little hodge podge of knowledgeable wealth here a Living a Blessed Life!

So, here's some pictures that I've found that may do justice. I'm still working but i'd love for you to tell me your fav, or any ideas you may have of what would work! Thanks for the help peeps!

I just thought this was funny!

If you have boys, you'll love this!!!

So, over at one of my crafty blogs MADE, they are celebrating a whole month of BOYS!!!  They will be doing tutorials, ideas, and giveaways.  I can't wait to see all the really cool ideas they have.  You mommas with girls might be able to take inspiration and find a way to girly it up somehow?

I'm super excited because I'm always looking for new ideas and there's just not nearly enough stuff about boys.  So click on this button and it will link you on over.  Enjoy and have fun celebrating those boys!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day John

To My Valentine:

You have filled my heart with love, and even manage to unthaw its icy depths at times.
I couldn't imagine life with anyone else, you were made specifically to be the man in my life,
I thank God everyday that I found you-well with a little help from Tabitha, Kraig and Dusty ;)
We make such a great team, you and I!

You have always been there for me, supporting me every step of the way.
Big or small you always keep me going, and help me make it through things I wasn't sure I was going to.
You are the greatest coach ever!

We have gone through some hard times, but we've always made it through-stronger and more in love
Thank you for working so hard for us.  Without it, I couldn't stay home with our boys.
It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated-even if I'm not always the best at saying 'Thank You'!

You have carried us when we couldn't walk on our own.

You have kissed the tears away when we were sad

You have held our hands all the way,  making us feel loved and secure.

I love how you want to always be there to experience the 'firsts' in our children's lives.

As our boys watch you, they are learning what it means to be a man...
A devoted, loving husband...
An involved and caring father...
 They look just like you and are following in your footsteps, and I love that!

You are my best friend,
the love of my life,
and who I want to grow old with. 
You will always be
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