Thursday, February 24, 2011

A reason to be thankful

Last night, I had a friend ask prayer for a family that was going through a horribly difficult time in their life.  Something that no family should EVER have to deal with...the loss of a child.  I felt horrible about my post last night after reading their story,   Beware it is not one to read, unless you are where you can cry!

I often get caught up in wanting my house to be and stay clean, that I often overlook the little blessings that are messing it up.  While I am sure I will be aggravated over it again, for now I am going to enjoy the chaos because it means something different today.

It means that my little monsters are happily running around playing.  It means that God has blessed me with another day to hear their laughter, their yells, their screams, their tears.  One more day of silly knockknock jokes that don't make any sense.  One more day of changing dirty diapers-and being thankful for it.  One more day to clean up billions of toys, because unlike this poor mother, I am not picking them up for the last time. 

So as you go through your day today and anytime you think about it in the future, say a prayer for this family. They will be needing all the prayers they can get, even if it is from strangers.

Hug your babies today whether big or small.  Tell the people that are special in your life that you love them.  Smile with sincerity at the strangers you pass today, because you never know the struggles they are going through. 

You fill my day with constant surprises as to what you will say or do.  There is never a dull moment that is for sure.  You are so imaginative, smart, loving and one of the most caring little boys I have ever met.  You never cease to amaze me with your concern and compassion for people.  Always making sure that I remember to help those in need, like the lady in the grocery store that couldn't reach an item.  You noticed and asked if I could lift you up so you could get it for her.  You made her so happy, and me a proud momma.  You notice peoples expressions and if someone looks sad, you are quick to want to make them feel better.  I love that about you and hope that never changes.  You are a special little boy that I know God has BIG plans for, and I am glad that I was picked to be your mommy and take this special journey with you!  I love you bigger than a giganotosaurus!

You are a mischievous bundle of energy with an extreme attitude, but I wouldn't have you any other way.  You melt my heart with your wrinkled nose grin and big toothy smile.  Your laughter is contagious and those eyes turn me to mush.   When I tell you "NO", you sucker me in by grabbing my face, putting your forehead to mine and sweetly say "ahhh mom".  I love watching you learn and grow, and it's happening so fast.  Each day is a new adventure with you, that's for sure.  .  Even at one I know that you are going to be a strong independent young man with a determination that won't stop.  God gave you to us to help complete our family and again we were blessed with the privilege to be parents to another spectacular little boy.  Thank you for being you, and my precious little slobber monkey.  Momma loves you!
Love you two goobers!


Tiffani Rose

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of a child. I will be praying for them for sure.

I know that lately I have been getting frustrated with the girls, and this reminds me that everyday is a blessing.

I love your boys too!!!


Aw Kristi, I am so sorry that family's loss. I really enjoyed reading your blog and it gave me a much needed reminder that I am so blessed to have children who break things and make our home dirty :). I really needed to read this as I have been having a hard time with frustration lately.


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