Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Trying on clothes with 2 little boys and one making an escape under the door and having to chase him down with your clothes partially on.
  • Not realizing your little one had an accident in his bed and crawled into yours, till you wake up with a naked boy beside you!
  • The fake conversation you try to have the moment they say hello and you realized you called the wrong person.  "Um hey, yeah just wanted to call and see how things have been..."
  • When your stomach makes that awful gurgle-y sound the moment it get pin drop silent and having everyone look at you cause it sounds like know! 

  • John getting another 2 days off this week due to weather and I'm not too sick to enjoy him home
  • Cooking with John.  *chicken tortilla soup, mexican casserole, sopapilla cheesecake, meatloaf mashed tators, ritz pb cookies, fajitas...geez I've gained another 10lbs just typing this!
  • Getting new clothes with our tax return and them all being on sale.  I got 12 different items from JC Penney for $20 and saved $80...score!
  • My parents coming over for dinner this week-first time ever!!!! (yes, they'd been invited before)
  • And a biggie for our house, finding a new food that Seth will eat.  Laughing Cow cheese spread with wheat thins!!! 


Tiffani Rose

What a score at JC Penney's!! I am so glad that you got to enjoy John being home and that Seth is eating something these days!!!


I think you should do a fashion post with all your new finds!! It will just make me jealous because I would love to go shopping with some tax return cash.....but oh well, I'm happy for you! And Seth looks soooooo cute! He obviously is cool with a mommy blogger!

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