Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Catchup

Did you miss me my lovelies?  I know that when you don't post, I miss reading about your lives, so I'm just going to assume the same is true for me.  If not, keep it to yourself and don't bust my bubble!

Moving on, we had a WONDERFUL time this weekend with my sister.  We were out in the sticks of Oklahoma, which is why I couldn't post.   Anyway, although I talk to my sister daily, but it wasn't until we were there hanging out again that I realize how much I miss her! And I think she missed me too.
 My sister and I go about life just a little bit differently than the rest of the normal crowd.  And if you've ever been around us, you know that's true!

Wait, hang on just a sec. Ahhhh that's  much better.  I'm now laying on my couch since you can't see me, do you have your pen and paper ready?
You see it all started when we were little girls.......

But seriously, we don't show emotions.  We don't say we missed you, we don't hug, we don't express any personal feeling to each other AT ALL except for when we are angry and then we grab a drink from sonic and drive aimlessly around town bashing the world.  Soo, for us to joke that we were so excited to see each other that we should hug or something really meant we'd missed each other.
 (We didn't hug in case you were wondering, that would be weird!)

The boys had such a good time and they have really missed Rachel too.  It's sad because Aaron hasn't been able to spend as much time with her as Seth did.  She moved not too long after A was born.  But he made up for it this weekend loving all over her.

My sister spoils the boys rotten, and this time was no different.  We kinda threw out the window relaxed on our rules with food, tv and all the buzz kills while we were there.  The boys loved it.

They ran around with bags of doughnuts

They ate cupcakes 

 Brain overloaded on cartoons

Played baseball, ran around outside, and hung out in rocking chairs

Mark cooked some yummy dogs and burger too!

Inside we had lots of silly times laughing with Rachel and Mark

Izzy gave us lots of love while we were there

Aaron love screaming with "Marp Marp" and having tickle wars!

Before we left, we even got in some target practice

We all hated to leave and wish we could have stayed longer.  Seth just kept hugging on them and saying "I have some bad news.  We have to leave today"  :(  But we will be back.  She is only 3 hrs away, so we plan to make this an every other month type of thing and lots of other fun weekends are in the makings...waterparks, camping and more like this one.  We only left the house once to get more bread and the rest of the time we hardly ever got out of pj's!! 

Can't wait to catch up on everyone weekend.  My dashboard is full of great posts just waiting for me to read. Like seriously, there are a ton to read.  Miss one weekend of reading and sheesh!!   I keep forgetting today is Tuesday tho.  John being off work Monday has my week totally thrown off.  This is  Tuesday right?!  Anyway, hope your long weekend was as wonderful as mine...but I doubt it! ;)


Amanda @ Life in bloom

I missed you!!!

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