Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you Cat in the Hat!!!

I'm still a little on the writers block side, but I do have a cute Seth story that was influenced by the cartoon Cat in the Hat.

We are experiencing a little problem with sugar ants in our bathroom.  We have tile on the wall and some have small cracks, to which these ants think they have permission to come in, steal water droplets, then disappear back into the wall. 

As I was showing John that the number of ant troops is steadily increasing, Seth tagged along to look.  I reassured him they would not hurt him, especially since I was going to kill them once I got some ant spray.  Ohhhhh geeze, wrong thing to say!!!!

"But Ma-ooooo-om, you can't kill them!!!!  They are just trying to get water to take back to the queen, then she tells them to use it to take care of the babies.  They won't hurt us and are just trying to care for their family.  You wouldn't want someone to hurt you for taking care of me and brother, would you?!"

Ugh, really Seth!!!!!  So I told him I'd write the ants an eviction letter and tell them they had to leave...they are ants mom, they can't read people words!!!! (insert are you stupid look)

So I'll do an ant dance and they will understand...only bee's do dances to communicate!!!

So he informed me that ants search using their antennae and that I needed to give them a new scent to follow and they would leave.  (we watch a LOT of nature show if you can't tell)

So after bed time, I will give them a new smell that will tell them to leave.  What is the smell I'll use...

say it with the scared emphasis the bugs use on the raid commercials!!!

Sorry Seth, but no free loadin ants in this house!!!!  Miss momma queen will just have to move her family some place else, cause they are not welcome in our bathroom.  Maybe one of you guys would like to adopt them?  ;)



Seth is one smart boy! :)

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