Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Doing all my homework on word and posting it all on the wrong class.  So much time wasted resubmitting it all correctly-which I was super glad was an option!
  • My behavior this week.  Momma needed a MEGA time out!
  • Being the mom with the crying cranky children that everyone casts judgemental glares at, as their brain threats shoot out of their eyes and pierce right through you causing you to hide your head in shame and spontaneously grab items just to get the heck out of Dodge! Um yes, I purposely waiting till my children were in this mood because I just love walking through the store causing a scene.  It's my source of entertainment!  I've got a couple brain threats for you too buddy!
  • That incredibly long run on sentence that you just read.  Can we say punctuation!!!
  • Aaron coming to give me a sugar (awesome) only to soon discover he is snotty (awkward)...eewwww!
  • My crazy dream last night of being at Zumba bootcamp with David Hassellhoff, my non rhymatic drill sergeant of an instructor, loudly sucking down a slurpee.  I'm at a loss too people?!?!?
  • Being at Jack in the Box drivethru at 11 last night!  Not good for my new healthy lifestyle goal.  And while we are talking about JITB, can I just share with you a horrible secret I have.  Well actually, John knows about it but he's so nice and pretends he doesn't-or maybe he's in denial that I do this.  OK Ok, the secret.  I have an unhealthy addiction to JITB taco's-like BAD.  So sometimes at night when we have a sweet tooth and it's the only thing open I graciously offer to go get us something, then order our dessert with 2 tacos and gobble them up before I get home so John doesn't know :(
  • Standing in line behind your Dr. WITH his wife and family only 2 days after he's checked out your biz*naz.  I mean seriously do you ignore him even though he clearly recognized you and smiled?  Do you strike up a conversation and say 'Hey nice to see you from this angle'?  Not to mention the extra awkward of his wife being there, knowing that SHE knows, the HE knows what your lady parts look like.  I really just wanted to be like 'SEEYA', throw my stuff down and run! 

  • Seth's first t-ball practice tonight.   I am He is soo excited!!!
  • How long my hair is getting.  It's down to the middle of my back
  • How much better I've felt since I've made it a point to get dressed most mornings *complete with make up!
  • Since Aaron's being waking up around 5, he's going down for nap at 8.  I have super enjoyed special breakfast time with Seth.  We have a picnic in the living room and talk about what to do each day!
  • Cutting down the family t.v. time to 1 hr during the day, and 1 in the evenings.  It's made EVERYTHING better!!!
  • Started running again!
  • John's job and the fact he randomly gets to come home early.  Since John carpools with the boss man, he gets to come home early every time boss does.  Loving the fact boss man has a son in sports and doesn't want to miss a game!!!!

Hope you lovelies have a great day, can't wait to catch up on your A/A posts!!!
And as always, be sure and remember...



All those "awesome" moments WERE awesome! Love them. And you crack me up with your awkward moments....especially the one about your doctor. This may sound crazy, but I have a crush on my doctor. LMBO! I can't believe I admitted that. But he is a really attractive doctor. Now, I have to go and ask God forgiveness for thinking my doctor is hot.

Tiffani Rose

Seth's first practice is exciting! The doctor thing would be really weird!! I am so glad that John finally found an awesome job!


YAY for you can come motivate me. 7 am? And dude on the doctor thing...omg...laughed for reals reading this!


omg seeing your gyno in real life.. awk-ward. Never happened to me but I can imagine! I am so jealous you have Jack in the box(es)! We don't have those in Ohio :/ but I went to one on vacation once and it was *amazing* at 2am. I love reading A&A's of bloggers with kids.. they always make me laugh and appreciate my awkwards that don't involve snotty noses. Haha! Someday though :)

Mrs. Pancakes

Your newest follower!

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