Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cleaning-Project 1

K, so as much as I'd love to give you a detailed play by play of how this all went down, I'll spare you. 
  1. because I'm sure it will bring back repressed memories of your own cleaning experience
  2. because along with cleaning, I've committed to be a better steward of my time and it's just not necessary when pictures will speak for itself!!!!
  3. *little side note about pics.  These are non-edited because I just don't have the time and because, well, I just didn't feel like it!
So without further ado, let's see project 1 shall we.  (Cue the Playroom/Office)

*duct tape on wall is next project.  Had a leak from outside faucet that still leaks! 
I know right!!!!  The sad thing is, with the exception of the desk area, that damage was done in one afternoon and mostly by this little bundle of destruction!!!  Food is the only thing that stops this little force of chaos in motion.  Gotta love 'em right...right?!

So I set my timer (Thanks Tonya) and got to work!!!  I had to think of ways to work around the boys because I was also getting rid of crap, and that's hard to do when all you hear is "oh I've been looking for that" or "You can't get rid of that, that is my favorite toy!"  So then I was given this rule "You can't get rid of anything from my birthday or Christmas, cause it is not very nice to get rid of little boys toys.  It makes them very sad, then you would be acting like a bully!"  Well then, I'll meet you at the playground after school cause they are G.O.N.E  gone sucka!!!!

In about 45 minutes this is were we were at. The books were replaced, toys were sorted, trash pile started, and give away basket loaded.  Desk area was the next tackle.  The desk had never really been used or set up as a desk since we moved in.(last Sept).  It was more of a catch all really.  I hope to be doing homework in there now and move my homework corner out of the living room!!!  Looks better now doesn't it!

Gave myself 15 more minutes for the desk and here it is!  I'm soo excited!!!!!!!

Now everything has a place, and nothing is just stuffed in a drawer to be out of the way.  Later on I plan on taking a picture of what toys are in what basket/bucket, then tape it to the front so no questions to what goes where.  

I shut the room off, because I couldn't be in there with Captian Distructo.  I'm just not ready to turn him loose in there yet.  I want to at least enjoy it for a full day.  I have laid down the law on picking up when we are done, and if that rule it broken there's gonna be a WWF Smackdown goin on, that's for sure!!!!  I DARE anyone to mess this room up!!!!

So let's take a look at the completed project, where everything now has a home...


Basket with all our Imaginex toys, books and stackable toys in reading corner, and all educational material in the cabinet (leapster, Bugsby, Leapfrog writer, puzzles and coloring books, and our electronic map)
Stuffed animals are in a basket next to books since they like to use them as pillows, and all things train related are in the big tub.  Their tent and tunnel folded behind the tub and riding toys lined neatly against the wall. 
What I love is that all the toys ALL fit on the foam puzzle flooring, leaving the rest as the office.

Now as proud as I am of this room, I have to show you what I'm most proud of.  If you know me, then you know this is a  HUGE deal!!!!  Take a look at what is on it's way out the door. 


With the exception of the blue/green leapfrog seat which is going to storage, the rest is either trash or get rid of.  In the office, that is an old sewing table, typewritter and saddle that is going to the garage, but everything under or beside it is leaving. 

I'm really proud of myself, because as I said yesterday, this is a challenge for me.  I can't wait to show you project 2 tomorrow!



I am SOOOOOOOOOO impressed and proud of you!!! Wooohooo! Way to go! I think everything looks great. I only hope that the boys don't do anything that leads to that WWF Smackdown. Hahaha


Awesome!!!! Looks great!!! (anything u think I'd like in the get rid of pile? Hehe)


Woah. Good work! Ah. I'm feeling kinda inspired now to tackle my mess-of-a closet.



Good for you Kristi! I love reading your blog!

Amanda @ Life in bloom

I didn't know you even had an office area in the playroom!!!!

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