Monday, March 7, 2011

I want this...but I got this...

Ever had the childhood want that you never got?  And every night you wish upon a falling star and believe with all your heart it's going to one day magically appear!!!

Well, I don't do that anymore cause I'm a big girl.  I've moved to big girl ways...I obsessively drool over it at the store, drop repeated hints to my family, and foolishly believe that one of these Christmas'...

Curious about what it is, well let me show you.  Here she is, isn't she beautiful!!!
insert me jumping up and down, spastically clapping

She is a DeWalt Compound Miter Saw, and I have been in love with her since age 7!!  Do you know what all I could make with this?!!!  I am saving all my pennies, and one day she will live at my house, instead of that lonely shelf at the hardware store.  Did anyone watch Trading Spaces?  Amy Wynn is my hero!  I love power tools and want to make beautiful projects just like her!

So until that day, I will just have to show you what I got instead.   I am equally excited about it, but in a different craft direction.  I was sooo upset when after numerous attempts to win a giveaway and didn't.  I mean I seriously hunted down each one and entered the ALL!  However, one of the blogs that hosted a giveaway, also had an incredible discount-i'm talking over half off kind of good- for those that ordered in Feb.  So I waited till the last minute to know for sure I didn't win one, then bit the bullet and placed my order.  I haven't got the package yet, but I am now the proud owner of this beauty:

That's right, it's a Silhouette!!!

I can't wait to start some awesome projects.  I'm totally excited about the fact that not only does it cut paper, freezer paper and vinyl, it also cuts material!!!  As soon as she gets her, I have a project waiting.  It's a family tree project for my grandparents.  Pictures of that to come!  When I placed my order and put in her code, all these other goodies magically appeared for free!!!!!  So with her is coming 3 rolls of vinyl, some tools and a font CD.  If you are wanting one too, I'd search around blog world and enter contest like me or wait till you find a deal like this.  Silhouette sponsors lots of blogs and randomly has this deal going on with someone.  If you live close to me, just give me a ring-a-ding-ding and we'll play!

So while I still don't have Rosie yet (that's what I named my miter saw), but I do have Stella (Silhouette) on her way!!!  But one day when Rosie and I are together, move over Amy Wynn Pastor!!!!


Amanda @ Life in bloom

You're funny, and I don't understand the crafting thing, although I am trying :))


I LOVED Trading Spaces. When Wes and I first got married and lived in our little apartment I would watch it while folding laundry on Saturdays while Wes was at work. Whew, did I just type that in one sentence? Heehee Anyways, WOW I wish I had room for that machine 'cause I KNOW it could make some awesome stuff. So happy you're gettin' it.

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