Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Man, I've missed doing these, I've been gone for about two weeks.  But I'm baaaack!

  • fighting brothers-one has a loud non-inside voice, the other has a high pitch squeal.  Both make my ears bleed equally!
  • blogger having issues loading pictures recently.  Is this happening to you?
  • cleaning the highchair!!! Seriously, no matter how often I clean it it never fails that something ends up under that cushion squished under his cute little booty, crumbs, and NEVER fails a lost french fry.  I guess I should clean under it everyday, but I don't.  Just about 2-3 times a week!
  • our Dr.NP feeling the need to correct my child's behavior...did NOT set well with momma, was told so, and it is a mistake I doubt she will EVER make again!!!!  (I took a toy away, and he raised a hand-to which he always gets in trouble for but has never hit.  That is my job to correct not hers, and you especially do not tell my child you will spank them.  Even more awkward would have been if I'd have acted on my thoughts of killing her!!!!)
  • unnecessary sex scenes in movies.  Really, I could have gone my whole life without that, and it didn't even really fit it?
  • my awkwards feeling more like a gripe session...I'm sorry so lets move on to awesomes!!!!
  • Hubby making me brisket last weekend.  Pure deliciousness!!!
  • getting all my vegetables for my garden
  • my strawberries already starting to bloom (ahhh for real, I kid you not, as I was writing this Aaron walks in going "nahnerry, num num".  Yeah, he just ate it :(  I had it in a planter on the kitchen table.  what a punk!!!!)
  • it's almost the weekend and there's suppose to be sunshine!!!
  • getting caught up on my homework
  • and writing block is over and my blogging thoughts are back in full swing!!!
Hope you guys had a great week, and will have an even better weekend.  Can't wait to read all about you A/A happenings.  I just love blogs, it's like having permission to be nosey in someones life without all the beat around the bush work   :)  Thanks for spillin your beans and keeping my nosey curiosity satisfied.  Now for some fun pics!


Amanda @ Life in bloom

Yay you're back!!! And very entertaining as usual :))

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