Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a bunch of hot air

So here I am telling you i'll be back blah blah blah and what did you get...nothing!!!!

I still need to show you the grand finale of cleaning projects that occured during spring break.

I want to show you my new garden!!!!!

I even want to show you the beautiful brisket John smoked for was delicious!!!

But before I do any of that, I am going to bed because Aaron is sleeping and i'm NOT going to miss my chance to get some too.  2 wks ago was spring break, the next week he was fussy and not sleeping well while cutting 4 teeth.  And by Thursday of last week, sleep just didn't exist in our house.  Friday he started with the fever and I knew what was coming.  So today after our dr visit, we have double ear infection-with almost ruptured ear drum due to extreme fluid buildup, compacted sinus issues/infection, raw throat due to drainage and lots of nasty medicines.  I have seriously had about 5 hrs sleep in the past 3 days and John has probably had close to the same.  If we laid him down within 5 min he was up screaming holding his ear.  There has been lots of walking/bouncing him and driving around all hours of the night.  So now that he has some medicated relief, i'm going to end this rambled mess trying to pass as a post and go to bed!!!!


Tiffani Rose

Poor baby!!!! I hope that you all get some much needed rest today! I wish I lived closer, so I could help you.


Oh my! Poor little guy....and YOU and John. Your kids have the worst luck getting sick.

Amanda @ Life in bloom

I'm not real sure what to say, but WOW that sucks!!

Have fun sleeping :)

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