Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cleaning-Project #2

So the tackle this time was the bathroom cabinet and my sewing/craft area.

Here's what happens...

Bathroom:  We have a pedestal sink so there is no cabinet area (which is probably a good, one less thing for me to clutter)  When I'm in a hurry, the bottom shelf of the cabinet catches all my makeup and the hair dryer.  I hated digging around in my makeup basket for my loose pencils so I just leave them out.  Which is all find and dandy till you get cabinets that look like this...not cool!!!

Don't judge me people, I've already confessed I'm a slob!!!  Anyone have that diagnosis yet?
So I took out EVERYTHING.  Trashed what we didn't need or use, and sorting things into baskets.  I took our travel bag that was hanging on the front and hid it neatly behind one of the baskets.  Now,I needed a little storage divider thing, and since I've decided to be more thrifty I resisted the urge to run to walmart and did this.

Juvenile...maybe?  Serve the purpose and fee...Yes!  And remember me saying I hated digging around for my pencils.  Well this solved the problem nicely and was another free solution!


With my little storage dilemmas solved, I now have a nice and tidy cabinet.  We I have determined to put things back in their place to keep the above from happening again!  I want them to always look like this...

Now the next thing I moved to was my sewing/craft area.  I am a hoarder collector of items that could be used to make a craft.  My new obsession is cardboard.  I'm pretty sure John is now removing all items from their boxes before bring them into the house.  The mere mention of cardboard is enough to make him groan and roll his eyes.  It's true, late at night when I can't sleep I just lay there and whisper cardboard  and watch him squirm! Love ya babe and now you know why you've been having nightmares!!!

ok ok ok, I'm getting off track.  Shut up and show me pictures already will ya. ya go!

*Gasp, shock, disbelief and all that other "Oh My!" jazz"
Since this area is in my kitchen, I do keep it pretty straightened but when it blows up-usually after a major project-this is what you get.  I had some stuff I was working on for my Children's Church Class, and it's been a booger of a month with my homework, and the two just didn't mix.  I organized my projects, folded my material and put it away, moved my cardboard that was stacked between the sewing table/cabinet to the garage,  and if I hadn't crafted with it in about a year, then it went to the giveaway pile.  That pile was very small by the way!   I took it a step further and organized my craft travel bag-which I am still madly in LOVE with after several years!!!    

So armed with my super power

Here's what we got now! 
Before and After of the drawers...

I feel soo much better about things now and my stress level is steadily decreasing!!!  I LOVE having everything in order, but keeping it that way is my downfall.  It's always those 2-3 stash corners that get me, darn that maid not picking up after me! 

Now in my defense, because with the exception of the playroom all this mess falls on my shoulders, things are not always like this.  Shut it John, no lip from the peanut gallery!
I used to always keep things clean and lately I don't know what's happening to me.  Not to beat a dead horse, but school is really taking it's toll on areas like the house and meals-slackin there too!  I am hoping now that all this mess is getting cleaned and out of my mind, I will focus on school more knowing I don't have so much waiting to be done.  I'm reversing the doward spiral here folks, this is now an looking up staircase!  Yeah, I don't know but if you reverse a spiral all you get is...a spiral in a different direction.  Upward spiral didn't sound any better!

It's really important to me to get back to how things were before because I need to set the standard for my boys. I want my boys to, NO, my boys WILL know how to clean and pick up after themselves.  But if I am not a good example, then I can't expect any different from them.  But this is turning into a whole other kind of post, so enough with my responsibility soapbox.

I'm excited about the changes goin on in the Shilling Nut House and hope you join me tomorrow for project #3!!!



Impressed again! You are doing great!

I have 2 things to say..
1)We went out of town this last weekend and when we came back I opened the fridge door for something and this disgusting smell about knocked me down. I have had this "to-do" list on the fridge ever since I became a SAHM and on that list....clean out fridge. Not just throw old food away but seriously CLEAN. I have never cleaned the fridge since we had it. That's going on 7 years now. Wes and I both smelled around, took things out and searched the expiration date. Couldn't find where the smell was coming from. So, I took it upon myself to CLEAN the fridge. Come to find out it was just the broccoli in the bottom drawer. So I steamed that last night. :) Now, thanks to broccoli, I have a clean fridge. Ha!

2)In all honesty, I hate to clean as well. I mean H-A-T-E. I would much rather sit here and play on the good o' internet all day. Well, I knew I was disappointing Wes. He was so sweet and would never say anything but after 8 1/2 years of marriage I KNOW my husband. I know, sometimes, what he is thinking before he ever says anything. Well, he finally got brave and told me, nicely, that I needed to step it up. I knew I needed to do this but I just didn't have the motivation. NONE! Well, I prayed about it because not even my husband's disatisfaction was enough to make me want to clean. That's sad. I should want to please him. So I prayed and prayed hard. IT HAS HELPED! Serisouly. Only God could help me want to clean. lol Really, try it and see if you get the results you are wanting. I'm not saying my house is spotless but for almost 2 months I have kept a "kept" house.

Ok, I'm done with my book. :) Aren't you glad I only had 2 things to say? hahahaha


Nice! Putting everything back in it's spot when u r done totally helps!! ( I love the motto 'a place for everything and everything in it's place)
U must be exhausted from all your organizing!!

Amanda @ Life in bloom

Great job!!! I'm so impressed that you had the idea to make your own organizing containers! Can I be like you when I grow up???


Wow.. so organized! I totally agree.. being better organized drastically helps my stress level!!

Tiffani Rose

It looks great!!!


I love that you posted your MESS!!! lol... I'm not that brave. You did an awesome job. I love seeing projects like this, I'm just not as motivated to do them myself - or is lack of time because of kids? hmmm... I need to work on that!

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