Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Favorites


I don't know about you, but I'm extremely ready for the weekend.  It's been a super busy week and i'm homeworked out.  Ready for a fun day with the fam tomorrow.

Now, let's get on with the real reason you stopped by.  There were SOOO many great things this week, it was hard to narrow it down.   So when those kiddos go down for nap, go grab that coke and a cookie-you deserve it-and enjoy some guilt free YOU time!

Be Different, Act Normal has a tutorial for the cutest felt monster pillow.  I can't wait to make one of these, but I'm going to change it up to make it a dinosaur somehow.  Still working on that part!

 The Blog Guidebook is full of helpful ideas and directions if you are just getting started or ready to take your blog to the next level.  You can also find links to blogs categorized by interests too.  Great resource.

Faith Trust and a Little Pixie Dust hosted a giveaway 2 wks ago where she featured a sponser Gloveables.The giveaway is over, but the link is still there.  Go check them out.  I KNOW I could accomplish amazing things in the kitchen if I had me something like this. Got your curiousity up, well then just click that little link up there, you know you want to.  All the cool kids are doing it!

Kisha of Kisha Christman Photography posted a link to this blog, and I've loved it ever since.  How Not to Dress Like a Mom has some hilarious posts about fashion.  She does this little thing called Freaky Friday: Fun with Keywords.  It's a riot and some of the stuff people search...
*the first link is to the main blog, the second is directly to the freaky friday post!

Nap Time Crafters posted on how to make a St. Patty's day shirt. It has my favorite freezer paper stencils.  Think I'll make us up some for our St. Patty's playdate we have coming up, and boy it up just a tad!
*On a side note, I noticed that today is her first time to feature a Fridays Fav.  I always post in comments letting them know they have been featured, so I'm just going to pretend that it was MY idea that inspired her to do this on her blog too.  Thanks for pretending with me!  ;)

Sew Dang Cute has an awesome giveaway good for the month of March to get a *Free 8X10 Canvas.  We are soon to have family pictunes made and can't wait to use this offer.

For lots of great crafts, and even tips that would be good for you home schoolin' mommas, go spend a little time nosing through this blog  She is named appropriately with all her  Snippets of Wonderful

So I blog stalked all of you to see what you follow and any names that jumped out at me, I checked it out to see what your reading.  Anyway, Blogsale grabbed my attention and i'm excited to see what this has to offer.  It's like an online blog ebay.  She will be posting new items this coming week, so maybe you'll find that perfect something.  There were a few things I was really bummed I'd missed

And because I am always looking for great kid crafts, I am lovin this site Kids Create She has a ton of ideas that i'm just itching to try.  I dont have daughters, but was relieved to find a post the eased my mind about naked barbie creep out.  If we ever have a girl, I will for sure be doing this!

So go grab thos snancks and meet me back here during nap time
.  Happy Reading!


{april kennedy}

Thanks, Kristi for the link love!! Blog Sale is a secondary blog for me to sell off the lovely clothes that are sitting in our closet not being worn or growing out of! Kaia's closet {my 13 year old girl} is up next, mixed in with a little more from me, and then Blake's closet {my 8 year old boy}! Fun Fun!!

Kisha Christman Photography

Glad you like the "How Not to Dress Like a Mom" blog & thanks for the shout out! ;) I'll have to check out the free 8x10 canvas!!

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