Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I love Thursdays!!!  I always make a mental note of things that need to go on my list.  Sad part is when I sit down to post I can't most of them.  Maybe my bad memory need to go under awkward?!

Oh well, on to the good part!

  • Having 5-6 poopies a day!  Aaron not me sillies!
  • Having my kids act up in church...not cool!
  • Breakouts like I'm 13 going through puberty!  Thank you antibiotics
  • Having to get rid of a dead squirrel in my yard the dogs thought was a playtoy...bleck!
  • Trying to take care of paperwork, bills whatever with my kids!  They are really good kids but like most have their bad days, which usually fall on the same day and make for some serious awkward moments!  ex.  screaming loudly at the bank drivethru "Hey you bank people, we are back here.  Give us a sucker will ya, you forgot about us last time" 
  • My workout that made my butt cheeks soo sore I could barely sit.  Workout was great, but geeze I hate being that stiff barely move kinda sore.  I like it in my legs and arms, makes me feel like I'm really doing good.  Butt cheeks and shoulders...not so much!
  • The whining noise Aaron makes when I'm ignoring really busy, and trying to get some stuff done.  It's a very rhythmically timed...'eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh'  See what I mean!!!!!!

  • ZUMBA!!!!
  • Starting Astrotots today with Seth!  He is super excited to learn about the solar system and aliens.  Not really sure there will be stuff about aliens but he's convinced their will be?!
  • Stella is here!!!!!!  Who's Stella you ask, I'll tell you about her here
  • John is working out with me now!  Loving that time with him and he is a blast to work out with.  You people don't even understand the hilarity that is John.  You know how most videos have some woman that look rather, ummm manly.  We pick a character and do voice overs for them.  It's a riot!  He's a riot! 
  • John, my amazing husband!!  Did you read the above awesome?!  How could John not be added after that!!!
  • Going to walmart with Seth wearing his dragon cape.  I love that he draws all the attention and people ooo and ahhhh over his personality.  He's a cool kid and I'm a proud momma!
  • Aaron is now bringing me diapers and saying yuck each time he poops.  He just grabs himself and says yuck when he pee's.  I'm super impressed because he's only 16 months!  Can't be a proud momma about one and not the other!!!  :)

Can't wait to read your lists, they are always so much fun!!! 
And just for fun, here's some pics.



I love your lists! And your pictures are great.


Love it! I need to try an awkward/awesome list. Glad the boys had fun at Astrotots! It cracked me up what Seth said at the bank because it sounds like Noah ;)


Oh! And I love the pics!

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