Monday, April 4, 2011

You're so vain, I bet you think this post is about you...

Well, maybe it is a little bit, but mostly it's about me and my vainess!!!!

And the little of you and the lot of me, come together to make this...

And to feed my ego, I want more!!!!  Sounds full of myself doesn't it!  Yeah, I know but whatcha gonna do.  When I started this blog, it was to keep a record of things the boys did with a little bit of stuff I enjoy thrown in.  I've been excited about what it is turning into, and what once was a timid, self conscious blog, has now turned into a giddy schoolgirl relationship with my followers and checking my stats.  It's seriously like sitting around the phone waiting on "the boy" to call. 
I love getting on and see that people have read my stuff from your page. 

Why does it make me feel so good, can't tell ya.  Maybe it's because this blog has become my communication headquarters with the outside world and the only time I can speak my mind without having someone pulling at my clothes, crying or going "mom mom mom, I have to tell you something!!!!  Or maybe I'm just totally full of myself.  Whatever the reason, I'd like to see my little follower number rise.

So, here's where you come in (besides already being a follower which is a big help)  Critique me!

Do I talk to much?
Do I need more pictures?
Am I a rambler and all over the blog road with topics?
Is my writing style unbearable to read
Or am I perfect in every way! he he

After I receive your feedback, which you can leave as a comment, or email me if you're really about to rip me a new one, I'll have a little giveaway when I get to 20 followers.  Once we hit that number, I'll write a "woohoo we made it" post, have you leave a comment so I can randomly select a winner.  Haven't decided on the prize yet, but trust me, it will be a good one!!!!  Sound good?  I thought so too!

Thanks for all your help, this blog is truly run on reader power, because otherwise I'd probably get bored with it and let it die a slow painful death with all my other forgotten  projects!!!!



I am new to reading your blog, and doing the whole blog thing so not sure how much my opinion holds, but I have to say I am loving reading your posts! And I can't call you vain because I too want more!! Maybe I'm just into myself too then! hahaha!

Amanda @ Life in bloom

You're perfect in every way!!!

Tiffani Rose

I don't have a huge following but it is growing. I would say that I try to visit new blogs and leave a comment. I browse through the blogs I follow and explore the people that have commented. I may not follow them, but just to say "Hello, I was here". Then I always try to leave my blog address as a "come see me" hint. They may check you out and start following and they may not. It is all about putting yourself out there. I also always leave my blog address on my comments of people I am following.

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Virtual HIGH FIVE for leaving me a comment! I get all excited when I see them, like gettin something in the mail that isn't junk. They seriously make my day!!!!

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