Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Style

So someone *cough Amanda cough* has been after me to write a post about my journey to style!

In trying to find my inner sense of style, I thought I'd finally listen to my good friend and dedicate Saturday to my attempts!  I have decided that I am going to use $20 out of every pay check and see what kind of thrifty finds I can get out of it, and come back and show you guys.

Let me fill you in on my style now.
  • Hair always in a ponytail or pulled back (have no idea how to fix this thick mess)
  • Usually always in lounge pants and t-shirt.  Current wardrobe black jersey pants and camo shirt...hott huh!
  • Very rarely wear makeup
  • Going out is jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes occasionally with a hat
  • Sunday is the only day I wear a dress
Me on most days

Here's a couple of pictures of when I attempted to dress up

For me, although still needing much improvements, these were a far cry better than my usual wardrobe choice.  I have been going through lots of looks trying to figure out what I like or what I think I'd actually  wear cause I have a lot of body insecurities.  So since our anniversary is coming up, I scheduled pictured for John and I and went to Old Navy to find something new.  I scored a dress and shrug for about $20 and was really happy with that price. It's brighter and bolder than I'd normally wear but I wanted something different. 

So here's my first showing of my Saturday Style.  I have a long ways to go, but at least I'm moving now!

I also noticed once I saw the pictures that I still have a preggo belly (or maybe this style dress just isn't for my body type yet).  So along with my style, I've kicked my workouts up to try to get rid of it.  That's a whole other blog post tho!

Excited to try and get back into the world of fashion and I'd appreciate any and all tips!


Amanda @ Life in bloom

Awesome post!! I'm so glad you're finally sharing some of this!!

The dress you got for your pictures is so cute, and you are sooooo pretty in a really sweet, cute kinda way!

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