Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I almost forgot about this, I've been so busy!!!  What a shame that would have been, or maybe not since I don't have anything spectacular on my list.  But here goes...


  • Blisters on my hands and toes, but the garden is sooo worth it!!!  Can someone tell me how I ended up with them on my toes????
  • Allergies....bleck
  • Asthma  Hope it calms down for Seth, this Saturday is his first t-ball game!!!
  • The dog eating my plants
  • Taking new BC and calling because things weren't "right" after 2 wks and being told it is very common to have "issues" for the first 3 months!!!!!  Ugh, so way more personal than I've ever gotten, but way WAY awkward!!!!
  • My complete lack of effort for housework this week.  All I've wanted to do is be out in the yard.


  • Seth's first t-ball game this Saturday...Go lil' Gators!!!!!
  • Aniversary pics after the game, coming up on 7 yrs and since engagement were the last time John and I had pics I thought it would be fun :)
  • Getting my garden planted.  Can't wait till things start producing
  • School is almost wrapped up and i'm starting to breath a little easier.  I'm almost done with this semester then I'm dropping my work load down so I can relax a little.  15hrs is just not right for me at this point in my life. 
  • Finally feeling like i'm getting my life under control.  That week of decluttering really made a difference.  I plan on doing more soon!
  • John's job.  I am soo thankful that he was blessed with this job.  It was truly an answer to prayer.  He's been there almost 6 months and it's been such a blessing. 
  • Just super exciting that after a long couple years of just hangin on, things are really turning around. It's nice to breath!!!!

my naked cleaners!



Haaa I totally need some naked cleaners around here. Too cute. Hope the new BC starts working better.. or working without the not so fun side effects. I hope we get to see some anniversary pics!

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