Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It finally happened...

Ladies and Gentlemen,  It's the moment you've all been waiting for!!!  Envelope please...

And the Mom of the Year award goes to Kristi!!!!

*cue applause*

First, I'd like to thank my school for the end of the year crunch! 
It's truly what allows me to be this kind of mom

Next, I'd like to thank Little Debbie, General Mills and Eggo for supplying our breakfast.
What would we do without your sugar filled goodness?!

PBS, Disney Channel and Nick Jr, you have always been there when I needed a distraction while taking a test!
And DVD Player I love you as much as your t.v. friends!

And when Aaron was climbing on everything while I was trying to work, Goldfish and Highchair, you saved the day.

Last but not least, Naptime!  While everyone else could only do so much, you were the one I looked forward too seeing most every day!  You renewed my strength and energy and gave me just the push I needed to carry on.  You were there for my kids, and occasionally me, and I can't thank you enough!

And in true Roseanne fashion, I will now say goodbye.   I have a bag of chips and a couch waiting for me! 

*19 more days and school is over, then I pray life gets back to normal.  It's kickin my bootay!


Tiffani Rose

You can do it!!! It will be worth it in the end!!!


I really enjoyed this (maybe because I can relate?) and needed the laugh today! Thank you!!

Amanda @ Life in bloom


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