Friday, April 29, 2011

little sappy, with lots of happy!

So woke up totally missing some friends this morning.  I always miss them, but today was exceptionally bad.  One has moved permanently and our schedules just haven't worked to fit in some time to hang out :(
I have got to do something about that soon!!!

One hasn't moved permanently but it feels like it.  Her husbands job has them doing some work out of town, and her and the boys tagged along.  They've been gone FOREVER!!! Like seriously, what did you leave in February?  Hurry home!

One lives in another state and although it is only 30 mins away, it's enough to make it inconvenient for a quick visit when she and I both have 2 kids to drag along. Boooo

And one is a child hood friend that I have reconnected with-just like we never stopped hanging out- but darn that living in another town!!!  Aren't you people suppose to clear your moving and leaving with me first?!

And my close in town friend was preparing for company, otherwise I would have bugged her to death today!

So Tiff, Casie, Amanda and Tonya I miss you guys and ready to hang out soon.  Kisha be lucky you were busy or you'd have had to entertain me all day today!

So that's my sappy, let me share my happy....DATE NIGHT!!!!!

John and I have a sitter (hear that people, a sitter) and we are going to be gone from 6-12...yes midnight!!!!!

A couple years ago, one of John's buddy's from college passed away.  He was a great musician, and a really sweet guy.  Right afterwards the plans were put in the making to have a benefit concert in his honor to raise money for a music scholarship for SOSU.  I got to go for like an hour last year, but it was too loud for the boys.  This year, I get to go for most of the whole time, with John and our other friends and have a great time hanging out and reconnecting.  It will be the whole crew he went to highschool/college with that has accepted me into the club.  Like the crew was all dating each other, so John is the only one that married an 'outsider'. lol  I'm soo excited about tonight, and mostly I can't wait to hear Aaron play and sing.  The reunion of their old college band Haag Circus is amazing, and they do a great job of covering Journey.  I especially love to hear Aaron sing Lights.  It's going to be such a fun night!

Sometimes a good dose of friends is all that is needed to clear out the blues.  And to my girls I mentioned above, I'm making plans for a serious GNO this summer and you all WILL be there! :)


Tiffani Rose

I miss you so much too!! I hate that it has been so long since I have seen you!!

Amanda @ Life in bloom

Ahh, I miss you too :( I wish we were a little closer so I could call you up and say, "Hey, wanna come over?? I'll feed you!!"

Your date night sounds wonderful! I'm so jealous!


What a sweet post! I miss you too. You'd think with us both being stay at home mom's that we'd get to see each other more often. I think it would also be easier if gas prices weren't almost $4/gallon! Seriously! Ugh!

I'm so glad you get/got to go on a date night. I LOVE Journey so I wish I could be there to hear that band. Fun!

I love you so much. I'm so glad God blessed me with your friendship....many many years ago...and STILL today.


This is a cute post. When I got married, I thought "I don't need friends. I've already got my best one." I was totally wrong. Girlfriends are so important!

Love, Chelsea

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