Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On leave till weather is improved

So we are experiencing a brief moment of beautiful weather right now, and I wanted to take a minute to jump on here.  I haven't posted since last Thursday, which is also the same time tornado weather decided to blow in and stay awhile.

Here in our neck of the woods, good ol' Texas, tornado's are a common thing but that doesn't mean I EVER get used to them.  We have been under a tornado watch for seriously since Thursday night.  We have to swim to get in/out of the house.  My dogs are living in our garage, and we have a bunker set up in the hallway! 

I liked this weather before kids,
 and before riding out a tornado near
 La Grange, TX about 7 yrs ago
on our way to go see our new nephew.
 Like we seriously called to tell our families
goodbye. God is the ONLY thing that saves us from that monster!!!! *I googled to see if I could find any pic during that time.  Thank you Eric Nguyen for capturing this awesome pic of the one we rode out!

Sat night, we though we had some time to grab dinner.  We took the kids to hubs parents, went in to Texas Roadhouse with sunny weather, enjoyed a great steak, and came out to nasty weather.  We raced to grab the kids and head home.  We were almost there when the tornado sirens went off and one was spotted on Hwy 82 coming into town.  Wanna know where we a red light on the intersection of 75/82 with it headed right for us.  Talk about poop your pants kinda scared!!!! (by walmart for you local peeps)

We made it home, and after much prayer it hooked and went towards Pottsboro.  (great for us, bad for them)  Thankfully no touchdown was made near houses/buildings and no one was hurt.  Here are pictures that I stole off facebook with permission from my friends in our hometown.  This is what we have looked like the last 5 days.  The weather is/has/still expected to be bad enough that Reed Timmer and his crew from Discovery Channels Storm Chasers came into town.  Mega cool, in a bad for us kind of way!  Here's pictures of them eating at Pop's Place. an awesome local resturant and the weather they were chasing!

And if you've been in this weather, where there are tornado, this is surely to follow!

So we have about another week they expect us to have this weather and I'm not sure how often I'll be on.  I'm missing catching up on what all is going on in the blog world.  Hope to catch up with you soon, and for those that live in my safe!!!


Tiffani Rose

I hope you guys stay safe!! I have been thinking a lot about you guys the past few days!

Karen in Texas

I hope ya'll will continue to be safe Kristi. It's worse where you are than down here. The Waco area did get it some excitement last night and McLennan county had about 3 storms going at once. We're just past the McLennan county line in Bell county and we got nothing. No rain or anything. While I'm glad we didn't get the high winds and scary weather some rain sure would have been welcome.


Wow tornadoes are scary! And is that hail!? Crazy!

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