Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  • End of year group projects when you are taking online no I'm not driving 4 hrs to meet you I don't care how much my grade depends on it!!!
  • My end of year burnout.  I'm currently burnout on EVERYTHING including being a mom :(
  • The whiny start to this awkward session...sorry folks!
I"m just going to shut the door on the awkwards today!  I don't think they are going to improve...

  • John running with me now!  He's lost 7lbs, but I'm too big of a chicken to get on the scales...
  • For now, it looks like tornado weather is going to chill out a bit
  • The massive strawberry on my strawberry plant!! did I really have to specify strawberry plant?!  I bet you were confused and wondering if it came off my zucchini!
  • John surprised me with a nook color and I'm loving it!!!!  He got it for me this past weekends and I've already read 2 books!!!  none of which were a text book in case you were wondering :)
  • Getting a night out tomorrow. I. CAN'T.WAIT!!!!  It is a benefit concert for a friend of ours that passed. This is the 2nd year to have it and raise money for a music scholarship in his honor.  Last year I had to take the boys back home it was too loud, but this time we have a sitter...till midnight even!!!!! 
  • My new jewelry.  I had a friend that did make it, but after her baby, she's found something better to fill her time.  I was excited to see another friend making it now.

Glad to be back and blogging with clear sunny skies.  Now to catch up on what I've missed for a week!


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