Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stick with me here

This post will be a little lengthy, but it's all interesting I promise!
So first, I ask you to be in prayer and thoughts with me about something.  I was approached last night about a possible job as an independent contractor to CPS.  I would be taking court ordered clients/CPS referrals and helping them with parenting issues, budgeting, lifeskills or whatever the need might be.  You set your own hours and case load, and the person who currently has the job is working 6hrs a week. (Evenings and Saturdays)
I will be hearing more on Friday, but want to be in prayer about this now!  As most of you know, CPS is where I planned to hoped to work after the boys were in school.  But this could be the small opportunity needed to get my foot in the door.  It's also what I'm going to school for currently.  I am double majoring in psychology and sociology.

School, that's one reason I want to make sure this is a God lead decision.  I am taking 15hrs and do not want to overload myself and affect my grades.  Nor do I want to overextend myself and take time away from my family.  Help me to know the right decision Lord!!!!

Now for a feel good.  Over at, you guessed it, Momma.Roar as John calls it, she has started a new series called Wake Up Wednesday.  Last weeks challenge-which I didn't do-was to make something and give to a person you know but not very well.  This weeks challenge is to complement strangers.  I look forward to posting my experience with this next week.  And while we are on the topic of my favorite blog, let me just tell you how EXCITED I am because my blogging hero left me a comment!!!!!  Yes that's right, I got a comment from Cheri and if you could have only seen me last night hahahaha.  Lucky I looked at the time Tonya or you would have gotten a text instead of my excited email!   Yes, silly I'm sure, but seriously this woman has over 3000 followers and although it was thanking me for a comment I left her, she didn't have to take the time to do that.  And time is what it took since I checked it only 10 minutes after she posted and she already had 35 comments!!!!  I could have easily gotten lost in all of that, but I didn't.  So thank you Cheri for making my day.  I was more excited than John would have been if he'd have met his baseball hero Craig Biggio (Be.ze.o) for you non Astros fans :)

Now, I didn't do last weeks challenge but I am going to count this.  This goes to show that sometimes a burden can be a blessing!
Last week or so we had our heater fixed.  It was an old unit and needed a good cleaning and to be checked out.  My dad looked at it, but it was more than he felt safe doing.  So we called the heater people once we had set aside some $ for them cause that's not cheap ya know.  They were to clean our unit only, then give an estimate on on further repairs.  Well, he said it would take a bit to clean it, so we went on about our business and left him to do his thing.  40 min later he was done and handing me a bill for $275...2 HUNDRED I asked?!!!!  After explaining he was not to have done repairs and offering him the opportunity to undo his repair, he said I would just be billed and pay it out as we could.  I was in SHOCK!  I stressed and worried because that is a LOT of money for us and needs another home in our checkbook.  My dad came to make sure the work was done and found some repairs that may not have needed repairing.  Skip ahead to last night.  A friend posted that their was a family in need of heaters.  Well do to our costly repair and now working heater, we were able to help out.  We had been using electric radiator heaters in each bedroom and the living room.  I was able to take all 3 heaters for her to help this family out.  This family had 4 smaller girls and very little heat.  It felt good to be able to help even if I didn't meet them and if they never know who the heaters came from.  Our costly repair made the way for us to be able to help another family, as we have been helped so many times in the past. 
*On a side note, my dad called and questioned some of their repairs cause he knows what he's talking about.  He agreed and our bill went from 275 to 150...Thank you Lord and Dad!

Thank you for hanging in on this long post, and just so you feel like you got your monies worth, here's some cute pics of the boys :)  Have a great day
Mr. Cool

Busted with chocolate!

Our new favorite toys...Thanks Mema, Papa :/



Oh my gosh!!! So much going on with you! I can't wait to hear what you decide about the job, and that is so great about the heater situation :))

Tiffani Rose

I am so glad that you were able to get the heater bill lowered, and being able to get that fixed means you were able to help someone else. That is so awesome!!
You have me hooked on I am momma, I think it is great that she responded to you!!


Wow! I agree with much going on. You are so busy. I admire you. I will be praying with you about the job situation. I can see how you wouldn't want to take on too much with school, boys, husband, house, etc.

Way to go on helping out with the heater situation. I think that definitely counts for the Wake Up Wednesday challenge. :)

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