Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's my blog and I can cry if I want to!

So not too much crying, more like an exhausted sigh!  Aaron has been sick with an ear infection and let me tell you people...he is a bear!!!!  This is how we made it through the last couple of days.  Keep in mind he's 14 months and 24lbs.
Busted out the baby wrap

The look I got most the day. (he ate lunch this way, excuse the messy face)

Seth needed to give it a try lol

same wap and cute grouchy face, different day.  *you can tell he doesn't feel good*

managed to finally get a smile!
What happened when Daddy tried to give Mommy a break
Did go over well
Now we are a little happier!
Seriously, how cute are freshly bathed kids!!!!

We survived the day, although the house was a total disaster for John to come home too.  On top of A being fussy, I was swamped with housework and stressing about taking food to a friend who just had a baby.  In the end I opted to deliver my food another day, I got all my homework done before John came home *even squeezed in a small amount of cleaning beforehand.  We decided not to cook and Seth picked take out from the chicken place.(aka KFC/Taco Bell)  He eats so well from there, so I choked down a grilled stuffed burrito because I'm nice like that. ;)  Ended with a little paper airplane battle and chocolate chip cookies for the big kids after the little ones were in bed!


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