Sunday, January 9, 2011

I redecorated

Doing a little remodeling around the place to spruce things up a bit. I thought it was neat that I found this website where you can generate a signature and found one that looks just like my handwriting. Takes a little work to find where to place it in the code, but glad I did.

I plan to continue to write about my family, but hope to be adding new projects for you to look at as well. The two should mix together nicely I think.

I also want to work on finding a writing style. English has never been my strongest area, and if I could learn to write like what is in my head...
I've enjoyed reading the new blogs i've run across-totally loving the blogging world! I hope they help influence me to create a style i'm happy with. I'll be adding 2 new posts soon: one of our snow day, and the other of me actually dressed up with my new fashion goal!

Hope you have all had a wonderful day today, I have. I plan to spend another wonderful day with my family tomorrow, because John has off due to weather. Love when we have him home for some extra family time.


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