Friday, January 28, 2011

Let the weekend begin

After a kind drive and a near missed robbery, we have finally made it. Yes i said robbery! One of the gas stations we stopped at had just been robbed 30 min before we got there. We pulled up about 5 min after police left. I was in the store when he told another guy so I just slipped my stuff back on the shelf and we hit the road. Most of the stations along the way are pretty shady and I wasn't waiting for the guy to come back and get the money he'd missed- per cashier!!!! But we made it safely and eventually got our red bulls :D

The boys has a good time playing with "Uncle" Kim and Uncle Larry before it was time to go back to bed. We got in around midnight so they way needed to be back asleep! *by the way uncle Kim is really aunt Kim, Seth just calls them both uncles. We thought it was cute, so it's stuck :)

After we got the boys down I finished up most of my homework -boo that had to come with us. Now it's way late 3:37 actually, and after a 7 hr drive I'm exhausted. But homework's done and won't have to mess with it and can enjoy being with family.

Tomorrow John has the day planned to take us to Louise and El Campo, two small town he grew up in when he was little. He's soo excited which makes me excited. How cool to show the boys where daddy used to live. Can't wait to share pictures with all of you too!

But for now I'm going to bed...goodnight


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