Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ah, the English language!

I called to make an appointment for the heating guys to look at our unit. The lady said it would be tomorrow and they would call before they came, so I was very surprised when they showed up today, which I was totally unprepared for. I was in my pj's, hair a mess, laundry all over the place and trying to recover the house from being sick. I was so embarrassed!

Then as they were fixing it, my embarrassment worsened!!!

Seth to heating guy: Be careful, there might be bugs in there and they will come out! (ahhh really Seth?!!)

Heating guys: bugs huh?

Randomly Seth continues with bug comments against my persistent "Be quiet or I will kill you put you in time out looks"

I tried to play it cool, so I finally asked him-near the heating people-why he thought there were bugs in our heater?

The answer that saved the day and gave us all a great laugh:

"Remember mommy, when Pop looked at it. He said we needed to call the fix it guys so they could work the bugs out!"

hahahahaha, we were hit with the play on words. Gotta love those double meaning in the english language :)



Hahahahaha. That gave me a good laugh. I'm wondering if I'll be having the same problem with Brady some day. lol! Oh Seth, such a cutie!

Tiffani Rose

That is too funny!! I am so glad that he clarified what he meant :) I wonder what the "fix it man" was thinking.


aw! That is precious!!! And I love your signature, it totally looks like your handwritting!

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