Monday, January 24, 2011


Wow, I don't know about you guys, but I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!!!

Friday we had a great time with some of the mom as we went on a "safari' at the bank. 

Then Saturday, wow that's a day I could have gone my whole life without having.  It was a stressful day worrying about a friend that decided it was best to take drastic measures with his life.  It took most the day, but he was finally found and is alive.  Thank you to all who helped me pray for him, I truly believe that is the only thing that saved him and kept him alive until he was found. 

In between worrying and trying to find him, I did enjoy some time with my boys.
We all had a towel popping fight and ran and chased each other around the house, then a game of hide and seek before it was time to eat.  We cheated for supper and grabbed some takeout since it had been so stressful.  Boys had McDonalds and we ate yummy Panda Express!!!  Then we watched some old school reading rainbow thanks to netflix...LOVE netflix people!

Sunday, Daddy stayed home with A, while Seth and I went to church.  We had a great time at church and the kids and I laughed sooo hard.  *I am the children's church leader.
That night, John made us supper while I worked on homework, and it was the best grilled cheese/soup night ever!!!

All weekends go by fast, but his one was gone before I even got done blinking.  Next weekend we are going to Victoria to see John's brother and his family.  I can't wait.  We always have such a great time when we are with them.  We are borrowing John's moms car-she offered since we had planned on a rental.  Plus John got Friday off, so we'll be leaving Thursday night and have all day Friday with them.  So looking forward to a nice little break!!  Now I'll leave you with a cute Aaron video


Tiffani Rose

He is so cute!!! I love his big smile!

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