Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's started!

School has started back, and im suffering from the overwhelming "oh man, what was I thinking?!!!"  It is my first full week and I already have more assignments then I know what to do with.  But, I will get them done.  Some right on time, but done!!!

I have found a new scheduling system that I think is going to work great.  I have scheduled out my housework, homework, down time, school reading, personal reading and still have time for family.  I am determined not to get back into doing homeworkd from 10 till 2 in the morning.  I am going to be in bed by midnight-running late tonight but as soon as I hit post i'm there!

This weekend has been a little crazy because A has been sick.  I took him in last Friday and it was just his molars and some fluid buildup but no infection.  Welp, screaming and fever last night and infection today.  He's on meds now, so should be cleared up soon.  We were home from the dr no more than an hour that S didn't start bad coughing and complaining about his throat huring...sheesh!  I'm ready for spring and this crazy weather to go away.  They said we might have more snow this week.  If it's going to be cold and snow then let's stay that way till it's time to warm up.  18 to 56 is doing nothing but keepin us sick.  Our family is just getting it out of the way now, so we have a sickfree spring/summer!

Oh and guess who is now and iphone user...ME!!!  I am loving it!  I got it today and by got I mean I finally found where A had carried it off to.  John got it used from a friend, then his upgrade was up and went to a droid of somesort (I really don't care about techy stuff) and he gave it to me.  It was sitting around for a while, when A grabbed it.  I didn't really care about swithing over till I found out about some grocery and health apps.  So after a week of tearing the house apart, I finally found it in the bottom of my material bag, inside my sewing cabinet!  I love you A.  We'll see if it's all they say it is.

Can't wait to post some cute pics tomorrow :)



I'll say some prayers for your sick kiddos and for your scheduling. Hope it works! Brady had been sick with a cold for 2 weeks and I thought he was getting over it...well, Saturday night I started getting one and then Sunday he woke up with more congestion. And at 4 this morning he woke up with a fever. I hope we ALL get better soon! This sickness is no fun.

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