Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brother Brag

 So I have bragged about my brother on here before, but it's time for another brag to start the year off right. My brother "J" is going to Texas Tech, so he is living in Lubbock right now.   At his job there, he has been able to put his leather working skills to use, and he is getting even better. This year for Christmas, we were so excited with the handmade gift he gave the boys!

S: chaps, belt, spurs and a lasso
A: chaps (he is still a little small and growing to fast for the other items just yet)

The pictures in no way do justice to the attitude A got as soon as he put the chaps on. He thought he was 'the man' as he strutted around making sure everyone was paying attention to him. He was too cute and had the biggest fit when we made him take them off. Thanks J for an such an awesome gift!
Look at the detail he put into each piece!


Heather Keener

ADORABLE! AWESOME gifts!!! Aden and Daxon LOVE cowboys!


those are awesome! "J" did a wonderful job. such a great uncle!

Mary Ann Tierce

He did a wonderful job he needs to get together with Bro Richard he is building another saddle he's into leather also. take care and stay warm. Love Sis Tierce

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar

Hey Kristi,

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your feedback and kind comments on my blog today! Thanks for spreading the word, too! You are so sweet and your boys are adorable!



Wow! Your brother is so talented! I had no clue he was in Lubbock. Tell him Wes' grandpa pastors a church of God there. Quaker Ave. Church of God! If he doesn't have a home church, he should try it out. We are going the last weekend of this month to visit family. I love Lubbock! I would seriously move there if it weren't for Logan. Now, once there I might change my mind but I do love to visit.


Oh. P.S. I love the new blog layout. Very cute.

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