Monday, March 8, 2010

A scare

I have been dying to get on here because I have so many things to say. Sometimes this blog has become a place to vent, those vents rarely get published, but it helps as a release.
But lately, I had many that I wanted to publish but haven't had the time with my sick kiddo's. Thank the Lord they are feeling better, so I will start with them!

I wanted to post about my sick kids and how sad and disappointed I am with their Dr. I hardly ever see her anymore, and I only care and trust one of her NP and after this last visit, I've lost that trust. Seth and Aaron both had strep throat, with a cold and congestion. She gave them both antibiotic and cough medicine. Well, Mr. Seth always reacts to any medicine with hyperactivity, but those that have a warning for it, the reaction is worse.
However, with this stuff it was unbelievable. I'm not even trying to lie and say I have a perfect child. Most of you have seen his activity level and can all confirm he is an active 3yr old. He also has fits, but mostly it's a loud cry of protest and a dirty look that he quickly corrects when given a 'choice' to be a big boy and find his manners himself, or I can help him with a spanking. Either way, his manners are to be found!
But by day 3 it was impossible for him to set still for ANY length of time. He was running everywhere, his pupils were dilated, his heart rate was up, he was sweating to the point I was worried about a heart attack. He was up going strong by 5, and had been up most the night because as he said 'my brain won't shut off mommy and let me sleep and im sooo tired' To get him to sleep, we practically had to lay on him and even then he twitched all night. We had to go back to pullups because of accidents all over the place. And he got sooo mad over the littlest of things.

I called his Dr. and was told they were too busy with actual sick people right now to have a consultation visit!!! (i'm convinced this is simply the opinion and doing of the receptionist who is NOT a friendly person) I started doing research on my own, and was surprised when everything I found about his meds said it is NOT to be given to asthma patients without having a test to figure out special dosing. It causes 'unusual, abnormal behavior. Extreme aggression and irritably, hyperactivity, incontinence, seizures, blackouts and hallucinations'
With the exception of blackouts we experienced them ALL. We had to strip him down, as well as the bed and 'pretend' to kill all the spiders that were after him. I had said his tremors looked like night seizures before finding this info, now i'm not sure they weren't. At one point we had such a meltdown that I sat in the chair with one arm hooked under one leg, the other behind his head and held my wrists towards the front of him as he proceeded to growl, spit, hit, bite, pull hair and scream. I just rocked him, sang quietly and told him how much we loved him. When he fought it out, he broke into sobs saying how sorry he was, he didn't mean to it was just an accident.
Now that is not my baby, and not at all how he acts. It was honestly like he was possessed. I was thankful for my restraint training and having my passed experience of working with behavioral disorders so that I wasn't totally freaked out by it and knew how to hold him so that neither of us got hurt. It completely broke my heart to see him that way. I called my parents after this, and had my dad pray that these reactions would ease. I asked him to have our church pray for him as well at church the next day. *my dad is our pastor for those of you who might not have known that little tidbit of information*
This could be a whole other post, but I am a FIRM believer in the healing power of prayer. I have seen it happen to many times for others and in my own life. Saturday night was our first tremor free night and the first of returns of peaceful sleep. A coincidence...I think not. He also woke up Sunday morning and his eyes were not bugged out of his had, and pupils were only slightly dilated. A significant difference. Thank you Lord!
We are now off the meds (we did not finish after I read all that) and had a pretty hard come down the first few days. But we are steadily getting back to our old self and so thankful for it. Needless to say, we will be finding a new pediatrician.

This is a picture I took of what he looked like on this stuff, isn't that scary!


Tiffani Rose

Oh my gosh, I didn't know that it was that bad! I am so sorry!! I truly hope that you find a much better doctor, one that will actually take your concerns into consideration. I wish there was a way to report this doctor and their staff, since you never really saw her anyways. I am here if you need anything!


That picture is scary! Poor Seth. I'm so very glad he's feeling better. It's horrible that you guys had to deal w/ that because of a dr's negligence :(

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