Monday, March 8, 2010

feeling guilty but wanting to keep my sanity

Have you ever wanted to run away?
Well, I have and do. Oh, I want to come back but to be gone for a couple hours would be nice. I feel bad for thinking this, but I may go insane if I don't soon.

What would I do you ask, well let's see:

Take a shower or go to the bathroom with no interruptions.
Read a book or six
go look at flowers
actually sleep
go to a store and just peacefully wonder around


I'd end up at the toy isle and think how much Seth would like this or that toy
see a book I'd like to read them
realize how quiet it is cause I hadn't been singing. *yes, we sing alot in stores and im not sure why, but I like it*
end up in the kids clothes/shoes and want to play dress up
see McDonald's and miss our 'just for a little while' stop (lol apparently i'm at walmart)
then go to the checkout and get a chocolate dream (Hershey bar) for Seth then go back to my happy crazy life till the next time i'm ready to run away again.

It's such a crazy little cycle that I wouldn't trade for the world!


Tiffani Rose

It is ok to feel like you want to run away, I have had many of those. When John is home, just tell him that you need a few minutes and take a book and lock yourself in the bathroom. Now Seth may come to the door and knock but don't let him in!! John knows that you need some you time, and I am sure he would be more than happy to give you some you moments. Or just get in the car and drive around with the radio up and the windows down, even if you just go to the gas station for a Hershey's bar for Seth. Take care of you!! I know that sometimes we get lost in being a mom and we feel guilty about wanting to get away, but really it is OK and you are not alone :)


That's funny that Tiffani said that about locking the bathroom door & not letting anyone in because I had one of those nights the other day! It was one of those whiny days where I'd heard screaming literally all day & when David got home I locked the door & ran me a bath just to try to save my sanity. Next thing you know Noah is beating on the door & screaming. I get out of the bath tub & David is playing Xbox. Uhhhhh! I wanted to rip my hair out that day. Don't feel guilty for wanting some time for yourself. It's tough being with your kids 24/7 & we deserve a break just like anyone else. It's important to have "me" time even if it's just a bath or trip to the store alone. :)

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