Friday, March 12, 2010

Did you read what I said...

So I went to go get us supper last night and...first did you read that?

I went to go get us supper. "I" went to go get us supper, hang on let's read that again.... "I" went to go get up supper...

So what's with that you might ask. Well, let me explain.

John started working 2 jobs last Aug and I was pregnant. It wasn't long before I had gotten so big that walking really did me in. So if John was home he ran to the store. If I went, it was usually because he wasn't home and I had the kids with me.
Aaron was born in Nov. and (little TMI here)since i'm nursing i'm on a very short leash. We have tried and tried to get him to take a bottle with NO luck. I'm not sure why, but he also REFUSED to allow anyone to calm him but me. It wasn't a cry it out and eventually he'd give in. No it was a scream that turned him blue till he'd pass out kinda ordeal. So I just never pushed it. He was also born during a stressful time, not only for us, but for all of our family and I think that had an affect on him.
The first month of his life, my side of the family was contaminated with swine flu, and my dad had knee surgery and couldn't make it up the stairs. John's side of the family had a change in work schedules and slept during the day and worked at night. John was gone all the time, so it was me and the boys.
I didn't leave much because one, i'd just had a baby and stairs are not easy. And two, it seemed like everytime I did Seth would fall asleep. So what i'd do is lock Seth in the car, run the baby in carrier up the stairs, run back down grab Seth carry him up, unlock the door, then grab the carrier and we'd all go in. I didn't go anywhere past 4 because it got dark early and it scared me to do that at night.

The point of all that is to say, I don't know how long before the baby was born, but since he's been born I have not been out by myself very much. In fact, last night was like the 2nd time in 4 months. (1st time was when I talked to you Tiff after getting my haircut and we kept playing phone tag over your dr appt. Same time Kisha we started talking about getting your hair colored and I mentioned Tammy's) The only time i'd had privately was going to the bathroom and even those were few and far between :) You momma's know how all this goes.

So my trip last night to grab supper was wonderful. I felt like i'd won the lottery and didn't know what to do!!! What to do, what to do? So...I ran into the dollar store before grabbing the dairy queen order that had been called in. Let me tell ya, kid-in-a-candy-store!!!! I bought some essentials while I was there too. Oreo's, hostess cupcakes, lucky charms and honeybuns....hahahahahahah sugar much? Don't judge me people, I got excited ok! Anyway, i'm hoping that since Aaron has matured a little and is more content with others, goes longer between feedings that a change is coming. Maybe, just maybe, I might get an evening with John soon?



Hey! You take what you can get! :) I had the best time going to walmart by myself when Noah & David were sick. And I hate walmart. But I was by myself & felt free for a couple hours :) Looking forward to our girls night!!

Tiffani Rose

I am glad you were able to get out, for a few moments anyways :)

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