Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, let's see...

Sunday we decided to get out of town for a bit and went to Joe's Crab Shack. It was sooo good and Seth loved the shark hanging from the ceiling in there. We ate ourselves silly, including Seth who ate pizza, french fries (his meal), fish, shrimp, crab dip and chips! I was impressed :)

Monday, we were lazy till about lunch time, it was nice. Went to Cackle and Oink for lunch and got a delicious mucho dog, then just hung around. It was a nice relaxing day.

Then Tuesday, Seth and I went to walmart by ourselves for two hours! We had so much fun getting to spend some quality time together. Then he supervised as I cooked with John's help, chicken fried steak, mashed taters, steamed veggies and rolls. John did so good keeping Aaron by himself. I never had any worries about John keeping him, and he's always been willing but Aaron on the other hand...
He kept him again that night and I was able to run up and see Rachel at the hospital after her surgery. I'm glad that's over with for her and hopefully she will start to feel better!

Then Wednesday, we went to the Gainesville Zoo. It was soooo cold this morning waiting in line for tickets, when finally the clouds broke and the sun came out! We had such a great time, even though its small I just love that little zoo. Seth got to see the lady feed the bear, and he fed some elks and a goat. It was so crowded today being spring break and the zoo's birthday. I was excited to see the business for them and it worked great for us because they had a cheap concession stand. $3 for a hotdog, chip and drink. So we had ourselves a little picnic lunch. Seth really enjoyed it and kept looking to the sky while repeating "It's such a beautiful day for a picnic" We rode the train afterwards for the first time, but sadly halfway through the train derailed and we had to walk back. Both boys were great all day long and made for a nice family day!!!

on a side note...Rachel was finally released from the hospital no longer containing a gallbladder. She is sore but doing good. I hope this really helps her feel better and back on track.
Also, so thankful my sister in law is ok. God has his protecting hand on her. She was in a terrible car accident today and is lucky to have walked away from it alive. A truck broke down in a turning lane, another person was going to try and make it through anyway, realized she couldn't and stopped on the highway. Kim hit her going 70! She has some bumps and bruises but nothing serious. Scary to think about what could have been, so i'm not. I'm just thanking the Lord for keeping her safe!

And not to leave you on a sad note, here's our day at the zoo!


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