Thursday, March 11, 2010 was your meeting today?

When John started working two jobs, we tried to make meal time our time to shut everything down and catch up on a little family time. Even if it was just the short time he came home for lunch.

After we said our prayer and started eating, i'd usually ask John how work was going, he'd ask how our day was. Seth would tell daddy what he'd been doing for the day and so on. John had a couple interviews during that time, and when it was time for him to go, I'd have Seth come over and we would pray for daddy while he went to his 'meeting' (how do you explain interview?) We prayed that if this was where God wanted daddy's new office to be then it would be a good meeting.

I'm going to do my best to vividly describe this setting for you so hang with me.

Picture it, Sicily 1923...oh wait that's Golden Girls! he he

But seriously, you know how on movies they are having an important dinner, someone picks up their fork and is about to take a bite when they stop, lean their hand and fork against their cheek and look seriously at the other person before asking an important meaningful question? Then they go back to eating, while waiting for the answer. Ok, well picture that whole scene while reading this.

John comes home for work, we all sit ,say our prayer and start with our usual routine. John and I are talking when we turn to Seth for his input. He goes to take a bite of chicken, stops and as casual as can be asks John, " was your meeting today? hahahaha

To this day, everytime we sit down to eat or before we go to bed we get asked this question. I absolutely love it and think it's the cutest thing ever. So now I'll ask you... how was your meeting today?!



Hilarious!...and I loved the Golden Girls reference. LOVE that show. :)


So cute!!! And I loved the Golden Girls reference too! Picture it, Sicily 1923... Ha ha ha!!!! :)



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