Tuesday, February 23, 2010

quick little WOOHOO!!!!!!

So I checked the dashboard just to see how you guys were doing real quick before Aaron starts screaming again-he is really soooo sick.

But anyway, I WON A DRAWING!!!!! My friend that I posted about, who was having a giveaway for movies, yep I got it.

It was funny because she drew names through a nifty little sight that randomly picks a comment I guess. Anyway, it picked comment such and such by Kristy. So my friend wanted to know my address. When I finally looked at her post, I noticed it was the wrong Kristi/Kristy.

So, I sadly informed her of that so they could to the right winner. She posted for the correct winner to contact her and if not by a certain date a new winner would be drawn.

This time it was me, and for real me. I'm soooo excited about watching these movies. I have REALLY been wanting to watch Fireproof. I haven't heard about Flywheel, but i'm exciting and I loved Facing the Giants. The acting on that movie wasn't the best, but sooo worth overlooking to get the message. I think they will be great for our family and i'm excited to share with my church and friends. So If you are interested in watching, I will soon have them and gladly let you borrow! :)



Yay!! See, you did the right thing & then you won them after all :) I want to watch Fireproof & Facing the Giants so maybe I can borrow them sometime or we can watch them together! Congrats!


I loved Fireproof, but it dealt with some heavy topics. Flywheel- cough cough- I file that movie under dorky & right next to corny... but Zach loves it. Facing the Giants was a little better, but Zach LOVES that one even more.

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