Friday, March 26, 2010

Daniel and the puppet bus

So some of the girls and I have been doing a Beth Moore Bible study on Daniel. Of all the studies that i've done, this has been the most eye opening study ever. I highly recommend each of you to do it.

I won't get into everything about it just yet because i'm working on a project i'm very excited about and if I start talking now, I won't shut up and i'll spoil it! So again, let me just say that if you need a change in your life this is a good study to do!

ON a totally different note, i'm excited about future plans to start back with the children's church. I stepped down after having Seth and enjoyed the break but ready to get back. We have an old school bus at our church that is drivable except that it leaks power steering fluid. Have you ever tried to drive your own car without that stuff...imagine a school bus!!!! But plans are being cooked up to turn it into a puppet bus and i'm sooooo excited. i've found some really good deals on puppets and i'm working on making some blacklight puppets. I've pulled out some of my old stuff from the drugbusters rally in St. Louis I went to couple times in high school. And hope to get some of the older youth involved in my 3 man puppets. I also hope they will be game for some blacklight hand routines. We'll see how it all plays out. I posted this video I found that kinda give you an idea just in case you've never seen blacklight pupppets or hand routines before. I hope to record and show you some of our own very soon! :)



awesome! i wanna see your puppets! :)


That's cool, I've never seen blacklight puppets before. Can't wait to see what you do!!!

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