Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a week!

The past week has been unreal. It doesn't look like this week is going to slow down any either. My head is spinning with all that has been going on.

~Possibility of gettin a house
~Yesterday the dr. told me he heard two hearbeats but we have to wait till June 6th to find out for sure w/an're killing me doc!
~Leaving town this weekend for graduation, plus it's my bday
~and just everyday life. I know more has happened but I'm pretty sure i've repressed some memories!

So what i've decided to do is go back over the past 2 yrs and try my best to remember all the little things that I know I am slowly forgetting. I know with my parents and Johns I've heard "which one of the kids was it that did..." So this will be a work in progress but I want to try and remember who said and did what. So one day I can look back on this print it out and put it in my scrapbook (ha if it ever gets finished)

Love it when Seth says:
Come on, lets get sumpin to eat
spits it out and says Seth can't like it

days when we play pirate and i'm capan mommy
tell him he's the best Seth, big boy seth, or whatever Seth and he say "nu uh, I not..., I'm just Seth"
used to call chicken nuggets bockers Everytime we'd pass McD's he ask for bockers.
calling oranges baby fruit
bbq chips are fire chips
overexagerating anything with a "T" i'm eat-tin, sit-tin
love how he talks about brother grover at our church: bruhder growver
anything in a coffee cup is his coffee: orangejuice, choc milk
everything is "i'm" yes i'm am, i'm love you
chick fil a is chicken lay
he likes to walk on his feel oppossed to walking on his shoes
the fan is the wind
each morning "wake up it's almost 6 o'clock"
playing yucky man, dr shrinky and captian hammer going to the tower of power!
don't 'getfor' your hugs and sugars
telling me secrets and questions at night (you're my best friend)
calling footie pj's zipper zippers
mini corndogs=meat-in-the-bread
lunchables = meat and cheese in the box
obsession with dinosaurs-at 2.5 he was telling me dino facts about a giganotasaurus.
having someone 'tect' him (protect)
cracks in stores are rigged with booby traps
watching him dance with captain huggy pants

This list will continue to grow and is for me personally. You don't think you will, but so much goes on and you do start to forget. So sad how fast time goes.



OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!! 2 heartbeats??? You failed to mention that to me Kristi! Wow! Maybe I was right afterall....twins may still be a possibility. LOL

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