Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend catch up

So it was a busy weekend. Worked Friday night, got off at 6am, left for Frisco by 8 and watched my brother win a State Officer position in the FFA!!!!! We will find out in July what praying for president!
We also went to his last highschool ag banquet on Tuesday. They have the saddest ritual of retiring their jackets. I thought when I retired mine was the saddest day, but I believe watching my brother was worse. I'm sad to think of him as graduated and grown but I couldn't be prouder of the man he's become.

After winning state we came home for a quick nap, then headed to family night at the zoo. The brought out the animals for the kids to pet, had free face painting, bounce houses, drinks and food. It was a really good time. We topped it off with stopping for ice cream on the way home. Boy was I tired, but it was well worth it!

And on a different note, some of my family has asked about a belly pic so here ya go. This is this weekend at 17 wks!


Journey of Hope

Cute cute cute belly picture! You look soooo good! Hmmmmm, could that belly hold a girl or a boy?! :) I'm going to change my guess from before (I think I made a guess of a boy)...I'm going to say it's a girl....for now. I may change my guess later. Hahaha Before you find out of course.

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